I Will Bless you Abundantly | God Says

you are deeply cherished my beloved

child from the very Inception of

creation I have chosen you to Journey

alongside me on a path tailored

specifically for you focus your

attention on walking in harmony with me

rather than trying to predict the course

I have set for you trust in my plan

designed to bring you prosperity and

shield you from

harm in this trust find the freedom to

savor each present moment

I am here ready to open doors that will

usher in prosperity into your life it is

my deep desire to bless you and your


abundantly I long for you to thrive in

every aspect of your life just as your


flourishes imagine a life free from debt

where your table is always filled with

bread and your responsibilities are met

without the need to

borrow this is my will for you and it

shall come to pass

through the trials youve faced I have

been preparing you each challenge has

been an opportunity to cultivate

patience and activate your faith know

that I see your yearning for my presence

daily you seek my love and I am here to

embrace you with every heartfelt prayer


offer listen closely my child the

blessings I have in store are not

fleeting or

superficial I do not promise the kind of

riches that van vanish like the wind or

attract thieves instead I will instill

patience strength and profound wisdom

within your

heart seek me earnestly deepen your

spiritual understanding and immerse

yourself in my word true blessings are

on their way to you but they must be

received with

humility remember you are human the

enemy prows seeking to inflate your

pride leading you towards Disobedience

mocking when you

falter I am here to Shield you from such

iniquity I am fortifying a wall around

you and your loved ones to protect you

from all harm stay vigilant and ready do

not be lured into

complacency watch and pray for the enemy

seeks opportunities to strike when you


distracted receive my words with joy and

let your heart be filled with gladness

for my plan for you is unfolding my will

is being

accomplished everything is aligning so

that you may Harvest Abundant Blessings

from all that you have

sown if you face moments of scarcity now

if your pockets feel empty take heart

this season will pass I promise seek out

opportunities confidently I will provide

the means for you to secure

employment your family’s welfare is of

utmost import importance to me believe

in my love which brings peace and joy to

your heart you will suffer no more for I

have decreed it

so no longer will you cry tears of

Sorrow for at this moment my Holy Spirit

wraps you in a tender Embrace let your

tears now be tears of joy a celebration

of the immense love I have for

you last night you felt as if life had

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