Hear Me My Child | God Says | God Message Today

my beloved dear child I am your creator your father in the heavens everpresent

and overflowing with love for you here I am reaching out to embrace you in times

of sorrow and despair to fill your heart with comfort and your spirit with

courage listen closely for today I bring Promises of blessings answers to the

fervent prayers whispered in the quiet of your nights rise up my child and accept this

outpouring of love I so eagerly offer your longings are known to me your

deepest desires within my power to fulfill you’ve asked and I will not

withhold the Miracles you’ve longed for those you’ve cried over holding on to

hope they are yours to receive these promises are Eternal

steadfast not just fleeting Whispers but truths that stand firm in the

storm they are infused with divine power crafted with a purpose that calls for

your faith trust in me stay true and watch as my glory unfolds in your life

transforming your heart and everything around you bringing about changes you’ve only dared to dream

of speak to me let your voice reach my ears tell me who I am to you and let me

know your heart’s Reflections do you trust in my promises

or do you wander lost without hope declare your love for me though I

know it well each affirmation from you Sparks joy in the heavens bringing forth

celebrations I rejoice in your commitment seeing you and your family welcoming me into your home and hearts

placing Me Above All Else From This Moment On anticipate nothing but success and blessings do not

view your challenges as setbacks for with my guidance they are stepping stones to Greater

Heights tell me now where does your heart wish to Journey what goals do you

seek to achieve who do you wish to bless consider the power intelligence wisdom

and Grace I’ve instilled within you use them for today I shower upon you a

Cascade of hope faith strength and comfort peace like a river floods your

soul washing away turmoil leaving serenity and a whisper of eternal

love I am the Lord your God your steadfast protector and your Haven amid

the tempests of life as you face the challenges of the world know that though many May envy and

oppose you my love is a shield that encircles you with my angels stationed

as guards fear no harm for I am your

Defender wielding an abundance of joy to enrich your spirit

understand that the voice you hear now is unique not merely another Whisper In The Wind these words come to you by no

mere chance they are spoken by me because I have chosen you from the dawn

of time it was destined that at this moment my spirit would envelop you

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