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my precious

child today I the Lord speak to you with

a message of Liberation and love from

the depths of my

word in Leviticus and I

instruct you be free from grudges do not

Harbor secret hatred against your

brother instead be forthright and

address your neighbor frankly so that

you do not bear the weight of their sin

do not seek revenge or hold grudges

against anyone among your people but

love your neighbor as yourself I am the

Lord these instructions I have provided

in the scriptures serve as a beacon of

light in a world that is often shrouded

in the shadows of malice and

misunderstanding they are designed to

guide your path through life’s many

challenges and temptations

by releasing grudges and choosing love

you align yourself more closely with my

desires for peace and Community among my

children embracing this commandment not

only liberates you from the toxic chains

of bitterness and resentment but also

Fosters an environment of open

communication and mutual respect when

you choose to love your neighbor as

yourself you’re acting as a reflection

of my love and grace in the world this

this principle is not merely about

avoiding wrongdoing but about actively

promoting peace understanding and Good

Will therefore my child let these words

mold your interactions and decisions

reflect on them when you feel wronged or

tempted to react in Anger remember the

path of forgiveness and love leads to a

life enriched with peace and blessed by

deeper connections with

others carry this light with you and let

it illuminate your way guiding you to

live out my Commandments with courage


compassion let me speak to you directly

from the depths of my love for you in

life it is easy to fall into the Trap of

harboring resentments in your heart to

allow hatred to take root and grow


you but I tell you this with love do not

let that poison contaminate your soul do

not keep secret hatred against your

brother for that will only bring you

pain and

separation instead I urge you to be

brave and to rebuke your neighbor

sincerely when necessary do not do it

from a place of judgment or condemnation

but from a heart full of compassion and

love for only when you dare to confront

sin and love can you help your brother

break free from their chains and find

the path to

Redemption remember my child that true

love is courageous it speak speaks the

truth not to wound but to

heal when you see your brother or sister

stumbling extend a hand to help them

rise address their actions with kindness

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