Give Me a Few Minutes | God Says | God Message Today

my beloved child I cherish and celebrate your pure heart and steadfast devotion

you honor me with your time and make me a central part of your life I see and

feel your deep commitment these words I share with you are not just letters and sounds they are

a Divine bridge lifting you towards the heavens your life is a precious offering

to me and in return I have erased your past mistakes and welcomed you into my

sacred Embrace do not fear curses or dark magic

no spell can touch you I am guiding you towards a realm beyond the ordinary where my word will

light every step you take your victories in this world will be measured by your faith and your unwavering loyalty to me

remember my beloved faith is the foundation of all blessings bravery the

root of all victories and loyalty the source of spiritual

might keep these truths close to your heart write them down and never forget

them you and your family are enveloped in my protective Grace no evil can

triumph over you for my heavenly hosts Safeguard you show me reverence and love

when I speak listen in silent adoration and let your heart lean towards me

I promise to fill your spirit with wisdom and your life with my tender

affection every word from me is a seed of healing encouragement and divine

Insight Miracles and golden opportunities will shower upon you believe in them for I am a god of my

word and I never deceive I know your thoughts your feelings your truest

desires right now I bestow upon you peace and fortitude opening your spiritual eyes to see the

Wonders I am crafting in your life greet each day with joy and in that

Serene moment when you awaken feel my Holy Spirit by your side lighting your

way my beloved you stand on the threshold of a journey filled with

purpose and possibility embrace my word and let it Cast Away all fear from your

heart while many wake to days cloud by sorrow I have shaped my words to be your

strength and shield carrying you forward with unshakable confidence you my child shall never want

for I am your Shepherd so many wander through life their hearts heavy with worry investing

their hopes in fleeting treasures and placing their trust in those who falter

they chase dreams just beyond their grasp only to find themselves weary and

dis illusioned in their disappointment they turn away from me believing I have

abandoned them spread this truth far and wide outward Smiles often mask inner

Misery the world’s promise of success brings only shackles of Shame and

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