dear God message Hub team share this video with your loved ones if you are searching for love you

can rely on me to provide it it is possible for you to extend your hand to me and have faith in my unwavering love

if you are experiencing feelings of being overpowered by loneliness you can count on me to never

abandon or abandon you while you are listening to my voice my love will wrap

you completely my words will bring you healing as someone who is here to listen

I am able to comprehend your feelings of being misunderstood you should come to me for

understanding right now because I am completely familiar with you and my speech is evidence of that my desire is

for you to feel the warmth of My Embrace which is brimming with love and support

my assurances will help you gain strength give me a moment to hear your ideas and desires and I will get back to

you I listen to anything you have to say without forming any opinions about it

despite the fact that I am aware of your mistakes I do not intend to penalize you

in any way through the sacrifice that I made on the cross you are given a second chance

at life life that lasts forever and the ability to Prevail over any obstacle

that you choose to face Please be aware that I am here with you at all

times always remember to have a smile on your face and when you look in the mirror observe how your smile brightens

your face so revealing the New Horizon that I have put in front of you you are

already experiencing the changes that are taking place in your life on a daily basis and you can feel them

occurring as you read these lines you are simultaneously being showered with a plethora of blessings you are surrounded

and strengthened by my presence which is there for you please raise your hands and speak to me in a loving manner what

is it that makes you care about me as each day passes get closer to me give

yourself permission to feel Joy and optimism filling your heart you can always count on me to be your guidance

and support and I will never fail You observe because I am here to support you

have faith in me and know that I will never leave your side regardless of the choices you make or the experiences you

go through my wish is for you to have happiness and to enjoy your life to the

fullest it is possible that the individuals in your immediate environment may not always live up to

your expectations nonetheless I promise that I will always be there for you

shattered plans fall apart and people change and and you may face hatred from

those who pretend to care for you but hear me now I will always be with you no matter what happens around you even if

your mother or father deserts you even if everyone fails you I will always be there for

you no matter what happens I will always be there for you I will never withhold

my dedication from you and my love for you is immense I will make sure that no

one takes away the pleasure or the rewards that you dese

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