God is about to blow your mind.

my beloved child where mountains rise with ancient strength and Hills remain as the witness

to endurance there is something even more stable than my love for you this is something that may be found

in the vast expanse of creation think about the love that has never been able to be shaken in the

history of this Earth keep in mind that these Grand mountains are nothing more than a whisper of my eternal love for

you you my Covenant of Love whenever you gaze upon them I want you to know that

my love is even more powerful than the unmovable force that exists in the cosmos and that it endures beyond the

heights of the highest peaks and the depths of the deepest valleys the peace

that exists in the night sky is as unending as the Stars themselves even when they are not

visible when you are going through periods of uncertainty or when it feels feels as if the Earth under you is

Shifting it is essential that you keep in mind that my love for you is unending and that it will never

end it is endless never diminishing in Supply and it does not vary despite of

the demands you make upon it or the times you may stray away from it due to the fact that it is continuous and does

not fluctuate therefore let us study together the profound nature of my

love I love you regard regardless of whether you are successful or unsuccessful and I love you not because

of what you do but because you are mine I love you for who you are whether you

are successful or not I will not only draw you closer to me but I will also

envelop you in a piece that is beyond your ability to comprehend I will not prevent you from approaching my presence

without fear even if you are experiencing a negative emotion my name is the Lord and and I am

the one who exhibits compassion I am the one who loves you completely and forever dear one I extend to you an

invitation to accept this truth and to let it to fill your heart with a sense of peace and

certainty as I reach out to you I want you to go closer to me I am privy to your most profound feelings and thoughts

the wounds and disappointments that have left a scar on your heart the paths you have gone and the dreams you hold dear

even if there are moments when you don’t believe in them in the event that your heart is

heavy please have an open and honest conversation with me under the guise of

a healthy appearance you should not conceal your problems I love you in a

way that is unadulterated unadulterated true unending and unconditional there is

no way for it to alter regardless of the actions you do the mistakes you make or

anything else it is important to me that you comprehend the extent of my affection

for you I would want for you to comprehend that my love is not conditional in any way Ed my arms will

always be open to bring forgiveness and warmth my grace is plentiful covering

every imperfection and weakness Embrace this truth and allow it to fill your heart with peace and

comfort the victories you have accomplished regardless of the errors you have made along the

Road my grace is Everlasting certainty filling you with coura

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