The date is final. very soon you are…

the universe is like a friendly neighbor

knocking on your door with some exciting

news just for you it’s like it’s saying

hey get ready because something amazing

is about to happen in your

life think of it as a giant wave of

Happiness success and lots of good stuff

coming your way to make your days

brighter this message is like a secret

note about ending a long

way it’s as if the universe is

Whispering a reminder of someone very

special to you someone with whom you’ve

shared laughs dreams and maybe even a


Secrets this person who holds a dear

spot in your heart is at a moment where

they’re thinking deeply about what’s

next now the universe is highlighting a

very important date almost like circling

a day on your calendar with a bright

marker it’s about fulfilling not just

any wish but the heartfelt wishes your

mom has for

you picture sure this message is a big

hug from the universe celebrating the

love hopes and dreams your mom carries

in her heart for you along with her

NeverEnding cheerleading for your

happiness and

achievements but wait there’s

more the universe is also giving you a

heads up that the tough times and bumps

in the road you’ve been facing are about

to get a lot

smoother so this isn’t just a message

about the weight being over

it’s a promise of a new chapter filled

with joy breakthroughs and

celebrations it’s like the universe is

saying The Best Is Yet To

Come the universe sending out a super

bright happy message like a big smile

across the sky telling everyone that a

shower of good things is about to rain

down on your

life sometimes it feels like finding

happiness and lots of good stuff is as

hard is finding treasure in the game but

here’s the cool news those tough levels

are about to get a lot easier turning

into fun challenges that make you laugh

and feel blessed every

day think of life as this amazing

painting where each of us is a dab of

paint that makes the whole picture

beautiful the universe has been watching

and sees how much love your mom has been

putting into her wishes for

you she’s like your personal cheerleader

always wishing for you to be happy and

do well because your smile is her

favorite thing in the


now about those worries especially the

ones about money they’re about to vanish

like a magic trick leaving behind a

treasure chest of peace and

safety it’s like the universe is handing

you a map that leads to a secret place

where you can dream big try out all

sorts of cool stuff and Chase out after

what you want without anything scary

holding you

back and all this is happening because

you’ve got the best support from your

mom and a cosmic thumbs up from the

universe itself think of this like a

bright sunny morning that’s bringing

your mom’s biggest wishes for you to


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