my dearly loved child I am developing your heart and spirit in preparation for a future that is full of

Triumph with each breath that you take I am strengthening your determination and

increasing your faith in order for you to be able to stand steadfast in my teachings without

wavering imagine that you are a warrior whose spirit is as impregnable as a

fortress made of steel a fighter whose spirit is as indestructible as a

fortress made of steel no Force no matter how powerful will ever be able to

bring you down imagine that Legions are rising against you yet in the midst of

this you are resistant inside the middle of this turbulence I whisper a precious truth

into your ear a secret that is destined for you alone this knowledge is a witness to my

Limitless love for you and you should preserve this Secret inside the depths of your heart because you have been

selected to rise with Valor in my heart name embrace the power to work Marvels

to accomplish greatness and to keep the Flames of your goals and Ambitions perpetually a light hold true to your

vision of a better future Proclaim this truth with conviction let your name be like the

Flames of your hopes and aspirations voice reverberate in the sky

I am not weak I am a stronghold of of wisdom and bravery I am prepared to meet

and conquer any struggle conflict and adversity that this day may offer I do

not shrink in the face of my demons I am not weak I am a Bastion of strength

knowledge and courage when my foes meet me I remain unshaken and always ready for war my faith Burns brightly and the

sword of truth is always within my grasp I am poised for victory expecting

Triumph with the steadfastness that is unwavering I am speaking to you because

you are the personification of this strength never underestimate yourself or

be shocked by your own potential my dear child I come to you every day to refresh

your faith in our relationship I believe that my dreams will become a reality spirit with

memories of your courage and Valor in the daily fights you encounter know that your foes may attempt to dishearten you

and take away the word I have planted in your heart but I am ever loyal extending out my hand to ensure your Triumph with

each word I utter and each seed of hope that I plant I talk to you not of ephemeral

wants or Earthly riches but of the faith that I sow within you which is

nourishing your power tell me do you feel this Growing Power Within you just

voice your request and it will be granted by my grace I speak to you not of worldly

possessions but of faith I bestow upon you miracles unconditional love the

healing of your soul Bountiful Supply and forgiveness I give you not only what you

need but much more than that because you have learned to make intelligent use of

the gifts that I entrust to you rather than wasting them on things that are

nothing the temporary but investing in what genuinely edifies eyes administrate

carefully and I will shower you with gifts beyond your dreams show me your

dedication live as a champion Victorious and fearless determined to

fulfilling my prayer is that through you miracles will flow to Nations healing


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