you need me in your life you long for healing in your heart yearning for my

presence to fill your whole being you want your heart to overflow with joy for

sadness to leave once in for all and to be free from the daily stresses that you

face it is not a coincidence that you hear me and you are well aware of it

your mind is burdened with many problems and you are seeking my assistance you

need me in your life there is no room in your mind or space in your heart for

thoughts of discouragement or tormenting lies because you have given me your heart and

soul anguish and Desperation are knocking at your door but you are not going to give in to them worry tries to

remind you of the past but you are not going to listen to them doubts try to

scare you but you are not going to accept them the storm of Anguish is

trying to steal the serenity that I gave you and the Winds of dread are trying to take away the Tranquility that I left

you but your faith is stronger and your stability is as solid as a rock my word

has grown in you like a tall tree and you have always believed in it let me

reain in your life my promises are that from this point forward you will not

allow defeat to enter your life you will walk with the knowledge

that you are greatly loved and protected by by your heavenly father your God and your Lord this is sufficient for you to

triumph over any obstacle that may come your way nothing in this world will cause you

to falter you will not return to the anguish and distress of the past because

I am giving you the ability to overcome it you are already a Victor after the

mighty blood that was shed for your salvation shout it write it say it now

you believe in me I love you in this you can find assurance I’ve come to speak to

you and touch your heart today when you need me the most my love for you is you

have the strength to face everything that comes against you believe firmly because you are already a

Victor unconditional real and unending nothing can ever separate you from the

profound love that I have for you not even your own mistakes or sins even when

you wandered away from me my gentle hand reached out to you freeing you from the

chains that held you and giving you the will to live again whenever you call I’m here when you cry out in desperation I’m

here to comfort you I will open my heart to you when I see you kneeling I will

look at you with kindness and my grace will surround you even if you have to

walk through danger and bitterness my presence will light up your life in the darkest

times I knew you before you were even born I chose the exact moment the very

second and the day that you would be born nothing in your life happens without my presence approval or well you

might not like what I’m doing in your life right now but one day you’ll see that I did it for your good to make you

stronger to help you grow and because I always have something better planned for

you my plan is to lift you to a higher level of life and faith and

surrender I want to put my shining sword in your hands so that when you utter my word incredible Miracles will happen

around you don’t feel Unworthy of what I intend to accomplish in you enough of

that see yourself as you actually are a child of the almighty God Brave Like a


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