my precious child the world in which you dwell can often seem a perilous Place filled with unseen traps and pitfalls

that seek to ens snare and destroy those who follow the way as my faithful disciple you are

engaged in a ceaseless spiritual battle against the Sinister forces of Darkness led by the evil one Satan and his

demonic minions they are tireless in their cruel designs against you ever inventing new schemes and strategies to

erode your faith instill doubt and Lead you astray from The Narrow Path my trusted Apostle Peter understood

well the gravity of this struggle which is why he exhorted Believers to be sober Vigilant and

watchful he recognized that your adversary the devil prowls about as a hungry lion seeking whom he may devour

you must remain alert dear child never allowing yourself to become complacent or letting your guard down amidst the

spiritual warfare that surrounds you the forces of evil do not rest but are constantly looking for any opportunity

to undermine your walk with me I tell you these things not to instill fear but that you may be wise

and prepared take up the full armor of God daily that you may stand firm against the Ws of the devil keep your

spiritual sword sharp and your Shield of Faith raised against the fiery darts aimed at you fix your eyes upon me your

commander and listen closely for my orders never grow weary in the battle for I have already won the ultimate

victory I will never leave your side remain in me and allow my strength

to be perfected in your weakness together we will trample the powers of Darkness underfoot and Advance

my eternal Kingdom stay near to me my precious Warrior and no weapon formed

against you will prosper be vigilant dear one recognize the Serpent’s Footprints wherever you perceive

dissension Brewing do not allow Petty disagreements to Fester into major Rifts

communicate openly and honestly with family voicing grievances before they become festering wounds ask forgiveness

and forgive readily where the enemy SWS malice replace it with compassion where

he stirs up selfish Pride respond with humility and mutual submission according to my will know that your home is a

crucial Battlefield upon which this ongoing spiritual war rages it should be a sanctuary where loved ones find Refuge

comfort and strength to meet each new day’s challenges yet it is for that very

reason that it becomes a focal point of the adversaries assaults the enemy comprehends that by

disrupting the peace and unity of your household he can weaken your resolve and leave you more vulnerable to his deceits

to achieve his nefarious goals he will utilize every device at his command to spread disharmony and resentment amongst

family members he will insidiously undermine the bonds of affection that provide the foundation for your home

using lies accusations ations and exaggerations of small slights he will steadily erode the love and trust that

allow a household to Stand United against the storms of life fill your home with prayer invite my Holy Spirit

to take full possession sweeping out all Darkness Foster an atmosphere of love

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