God Says: I Want To Forgive You, Don’t Ignore | God Message Today| Jesus Message |

my beloved child I am your Forever

friend and the eternal lover of your

soul you are securely held in my love

instead of dwelling on troubles remember

who I am I am your Living Lord your

unchanging Rock and your savior God

because I am Everlasting my death on the

cross for your sins secures your

salvation completely don’t fear that

I’ll stop loving you based on your

performance it is my goodness and

righteousness that keep you secure in my

love let my unwavering commitment to you

be a source of comfort as you navigate

this troubled world one day you will

dwell with me in Paradise come eagerly

into my passionate presence inviting me

to satisfy you with my unfailing love

the morning right after you awaken is

the best time to seek my face connecting

with me early sets the the tone for your

day my boundless love is profoundly

satisfying it reminds you of your worth

and significance it assures you that

together we can face the challenges of

the day knowing you are forever loved

energizes you and grants you the courage

to persevere through difficulties

meeting my loving presence in the

morning equips you to sing for joy and

be glad consider the incredible

privilege of meeting with the king of

kings and Lord of lords in the privacy

of your home Rejoice that your name is

inscribed in the Lamb’s Book of Life

indelibly etched take time to savor my

presence speak or sing praises read

scripture and pray Delight in the truth

that nothing in all creation can

separate you from my love before you

call I will answer while you are still

speaking I will hear I understand that

sometimes you feel alone lost in the

darkness you continue to pray because

it’s the right thing to do do but you

wonder if your prayers make any

difference in those moments remember who

I am the king of glory I transcend time

and past present and future are all the

same to me that’s why I can answer

before you even call out to me no prayer

of yours goes unheard or unanswered

sometimes the answer is no or not yet

other times I answer in ways you cannot

see for my wisdom surpasses your

understanding Ponder the wonders of my

infinite intelligence and revel in my

endless love for you if you persist in

this intimate adoration you will know

beyond a doubt that you are never alone

you are mine my beloved my compassions

never fail they are new every morning so

start each day with confidence knowing

that my blessings are abundant this

knowledge helps you wait for me

entrusting your long unanswered prayers

into my care I assure you that not one

of those petitions has escaped my notice

I want you to drink deeply from my

Fountain of Li Limitless love and

unfailing compassion as you wait in my

presence these Divine blessings are

freely available to you even though many

of your prayers remain unanswered find

Hope in my great faithfulness I keep all

my promises in my perfect way and timing

I promise to Grant you peace that can

dispel the troubles and fears in your

heart the brightness you see is my love

announcing wonderful and Supernatural

things that I want can and will be in

your life

give me your faith early even if you are

tired or troubled bend your knees bring

all your conflicts and problems to my

feet your anxiety and frustration today

I spoke to you with affection and told

you what’s in my heart you have decided

to listen to me obey me and walk toward

your future with faith and

determination I have said it and you

believe it I will prosper you greatly

despite the situation you are in today

and all the obstacles you see everything

will be fine I will defeat your enemies

You Will Raise Your Hands to Heaven in

Praise give thanks for your blessings

and tell your family that it’s worth

hearing believing and obeying the word

of your heavenly

father I love you amen share this video

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