God Says: I Died For You, Will You Give Me Two Minutes? | God Message Today | Jesus message|

my beloved child I am the one who keeps

your lamp burning I turn your Darkness

into light there are moments when

weariness and burdens threaten to

extinguish your lamp it flickers and

sputters almost running out of fuel in

those times call out to me breathe

deeply in my presence and remember that

I am the one who fuels your lamp I am

your strength I am also your light

keep turning towards me allowing the

glory of my presence to saturate you my

radiant Beauty brightens your life and

shifts your perspective when you turn

away from me and forget that I’m with

you your world appears dark yes this

world is deeply fallen and darkness

abounds but I am the light that

continues to shine in the darkness do

not be afraid my child trust me

wholeheartedly even when things seem

gloomy and I will transform your

Darkness into into light when planning

and problems consume your thoughts turn

to me and Whisper my name let the light

of my presence shine upon you as you

Revel in my unfailing love thank me for

watching over you always and loving you

eternally affirm your trust in me

express your Devotion to me and ask me

to illuminate The Way Forward deal with

your problems as needed but do not let

worry or fear dominate your thoughts

keep returning your focus to me and and

I will illuminate your perspective

immerse your mind and heart in scripture

read it study it and memorize verses

that resonate with you my word is a lamp

to guide your steps and a light to

illuminate your path by following these

guidelines your preoccupation with

planning and problems will diminish

making space for more of me Delight in

the joy of my presence seek my face

always I encourage you to let your heart

heart rejoice when you seek me picture a

deeply inloved couple when the Man

visits his beloved she doesn’t casually

say oh it’s you he doesn’t ignore her

and ask do you have something to eat no

their Hearts Leap with joy because they

are together you are my beloved and I am

the eternal lover of your soul rejoice

in the astounding affection I have for

you glorify my Holy Name which is above

every name you can use it freely to

commune with me and joyously worship me

you have the privilege of easy access to

me some people take pride in their

wealth achievements beauty or fame but I

invite you to take joy in me your savior

Lord and lover glorifying me will

strengthen and Delight you infusing your

prayers with power and your heart with

joy never underestimate the power of

prayer when people feel discouraged and

hopeless they sometimes say there’s

nothing left to do but pray but this is

not a feeble Last Resort it’s a powerful

connection with me I designed Humanity

to communicate with me even When sin

entered the world I didn’t withdraw this

incredible privilege when I walked among

you as a man I relied heavily on prayer

to my father I understood how much I

needed his help persistent heartfelt

prayer blesses not only you but also

your family friends church and even your


ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray

effectively find others to join you in

seeking my face with humility and

repentance beseech me to heal your land

wait in my presence spending time with

me brings spiritual emotional and

physical benefits yet many of my

children think it’s a luxury they can’t

afford they crave rest and quietness but

continue in their fastpaced lives I want

you to rearrange your priorities to make

room for restful times with me I will

refresh your soul and strengthen you for

the journey ahead be of good courage

living in this broken World demands

bravery since bravery isn’t natural for

most you will need my help to be strong

and courageous despite the alarming

events you don’t have to be terrified or

discouraged train your thoughts to focus

on me repeatedly find comfort in my

promise to be with you wherever you go

continue to be courageous looking to me

for strength I will fortify your heart I

am your Living Lord your rock your

savior God meditate on my greatness and

my unwavering commitment to you share

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