God Says: You Are My Beloved Child And You Can’t Ignore Me | God Message Today| Jesus Message |

my beloved child today you may face many

challenges on your journey but wherever

you go listen once more and feel it I

will be with you I will continue

Whispering healing words in your ears so

you won’t forget me so you won’t drift

away so you won’t let your emotions

deceive your mind I will keep a flame

burning in your heart and when darkness

surrounds you enveloping you with its

cold and Terror my light will shine

brighter just like the sun illuminates

your world evil cannot hide when it

faces my eternal light any spiritual

enemy trying to bring you sorrow today

will cease to exist give me the

opportunity to show you how much I love

you pay attention during the day when my

voice Whispers In Your Ear I’m speaking

to you I’m pouring Divine oil on your

head I’m preparing you I am removing

faly idas from your mind if you have

have faltered my forgiveness cleanses

and lifts you it is not my will for you

to crawl on the ground totally defeated

by fear and guilt for past mistakes I am

here to love you if my will were to

punish you you wouldn’t be here reflect

on this and accept all the love I’ve

offered you for a long time don’t reject

it there are two paths and you must

choose now the path of truth and life

leading to a wonderful eternity or the

path that separates you from me life

won’t be easier if you follow me but

you’ll always have my help and support

when you need it my Holy Spirit Will

Comfort you in your sad days and my word

will bring wisdom you have an open door

to my presence day and night you can

bring your beautiful and sincere

petitions with confidence if you pray

for your family and give me your heart I

will keep them in my hands with great

love I will surround them with a mantle

of Joy bless them with abundance

abundance and Harmony and keep all their

enemies at Bay the Devourer the thief

the false friends I will surround your

home with thousands of angels ready to

fight and protect you from any threat I

am the same today yesterday and forever

and Just As the World Turns day by day

and the stars shine in your nights my

presence will embrace you always let

there be no doubt I will fight against

any enemy that dares to raise its hand

against you

do not fear anyone do not tremble at

anything your family is not abandoned

You are not alone I have been with you

since your birth waiting for this moment

to speak to you clearly and confirm the

great blessings that await you I chose

you I gave you a name you belong to me

and I won’t let you go even if one day

you say you’re tired of me remember when

you’re where you are you’ll cry when you

recall all the times I fought for you

extended my hand and rescued you from

danger filled you with peace and pulled

you from conflicts everyone abandoned

you no one else watched over you but I

always looked at you with eyes of mercy

and I continue to love you my love for

you grows daily in good times and bad in

times of poverty or prosperity in health

or sickness I will fulfill my eternal

commitment I know that today you feel my

presence in a real and Powerful way and

it will be like that forever I will

never leave you reject any doubts there

is no one in the universe who can steal

this tenderness this peace this immense

happiness I have for you I love you and

care for you with love and even though

people say otherwise I will find ways to

show you my affection daily today your

tribulation ends your storm is over for

me nothing is impossible my love knows

no bounds you can’t even imagine how far

I will go for you

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