God – “I have to convey some awful news to you.”

God is speaking to you right now you may think that nobody else can see it but we

both know develop the habit of instantly refreshing your thoughts upon waking up

each morning you can tell me you’re fine my beloved child and I am genuinely

happy for your courageous deed and facing the odds of adversity though

these difficulties May occasionally cause you to lose faith I urge you to to

persevere and maintain your resolve I’ll make sure you come to me soon there is

hope and victory but there are also Sunrise light and evening Darkness for

the ambitious who swiftly lose heart never abandon up even when help and

consolation appear from above at precisely the right moment discover new

strength in the midst of adversity chat with me I keep you afloat throughout

storms and even when strong wines Buffet you they reveal the complex web of

Deceit that has remained constant if I were to recreate The Identical situation

you would think they were overly trusting of others while searching for and and the foresight that permeates the

darkest corners of your soul your adversary poses as a light-hearted angel

as a an integral component of this enormous Universe you will always be in

my unlimited Eternal lovees Embrace rewind time to a better place that you

remember with great fondness I can see why you feel that this will provide you

comfort and Tranquility throughout your trying nights and during your tearful

moments of regret when the day Rises and if you want to be with me me and accept

my forgiveness then I’m willing to give you a second opportunity so that I can

help you become well I want you to know that you are not alone but please

forgive others as I have forgiven you in an imitation of Love itself you were

formed with a kind Spirit accept your inner wisdom it is your constant

guidance my darling child I have spoken with clarity ity and plenty blessings

that flow from the deepest parts of his unwavering love I beg that you listen to

what I’m saying turn your heart toward me and accept the reality that kids have

real identities and missions don’t overthink discovering your mission or

calling regardless of your age or the best days of your life in the past the

magnitude is not intended to be confusing get ready for this day because

it will play a significant role in the larger picture of your Soul’s brighter

destination than here where every communication from me will be received

boldly enter the light it is waiting for you the joy that you experience from me

will lift your sufferings and divine Birthright enabling you to take

ownership of your mistakes and recover your sovereignty they returned to this

Monument of your hands and received it after humbly confessing their faults I

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