God Say: A Divine Communique You Must Not Overlook

my dearest One Life contains high mountains and low valleys through it all cling to your faith knowing the trials

you face will ultimately strengthen and benefit you when the road grows hard resist giving up pay no mind to lies

that tries that try to discourage you you and your loved ones remain safe in my watchful care no harm will come to

you yet stay alert for the enemy prowls like a lion seeking to Devour the

distracted and unguarded it is not my wish for the enemy to hurt you so I give daily reminders you don’t walk alone you

have me and your family beside you even if they seem unsupportive or unappreciative of your efforts I see

your faith devotion and in their place your household is blessed by your prayers Heavenly Guardians protect your

dear ones I highly value your perseverance though imperfect your heart

is in the right place even trusted me with your soul and heart despite danger

you did not retreat in hard times you endure Lord I deeply respect your character Let My Words resonate within

the chambers of your heart persist steadfastly in prayer spiritual battle Godly effort and unwavering faith my

promises to you are sure and unchanging my word becomes manifest reality in your life the struggles you now face will

surely come to an end and your time of blessing is just on the horizon begin even now to make a list of Those whom

you will be able to assist first when sharing the blessings I will pour out upon you

I will amplify and multiply your faithful efforts exceedingly your family

and household will never lack any needed provision I will pour out generous blessing upon your material supply

granting you wisdom and financial stewardship and directing your choices in Practical matters however amidst any

achievement and success be sure to always remember me keep prayer and diligent study of my teachings close at

hand make it your continual Habit to Prior ortize walking closely with me above all else tomorrow morning I will

await you in the Tranquility of your private chamber with your heart receptive and open before me come and

spend dedicated time reading my word listening for my still Small Voice bow

your knees and prepare your soul to receive my intimate embrace you will perceive and encounter my living

presence in a powerful way my Holy Spirit Will permeate and saturate every sphere of your life your family and your

home do not fear for a unique place is reserved for you in my glorious presence

what does it matter if some reject you even when you treat them with kindness and respect there will always be ungrateful

Souls who respond with contempt today I desire to strengthen your spirit mind

and body so you are no longer shaken or harmed by such disappointments you are worthy of a love

that is pure holy perfect Eternal and genuine the love that I extend to you

those who hurt you claim to offer love but always expect something in return if you do not comply they intensify your

suffering but each day you are freed more and more from this bondage you will no longer rely on anyone in this world

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