my beloved child know that your devotion fills my heart with gladness when you

come before me in Earnest supplication seeking my will with humility it brings me profound Joy I cherish your

willingness to accept my will though it may differ from your own hopes your

gratitude whether I grant your plea or give you something better evinces your trust in my wisdom and love it fills me

with Wonder to see your spiritual growth the depth of our bond the Tranquility within you even amid trials stems from

the time we share each day in prayer scripture and honest conversation you

have fostered true intimacy with me I am not only your God on high but your dearest companion As We Walk This Road

Together I will lead you with care through each turn when the storms of life rage fiercely and threaten to

overwhelm your spirit do not lose heart I will carry you tenderly in my strong

and Everlasting Arms you will soar high above the churning Waters as as if on wings of eagles Rising above the trials

and finding rest comfort and renewal in my presence it is in these Precious

Moments with me that you will gain the Inner Strength patience wisdom and maturity needed to continue growing

thriving and overcoming our intimate conversations Delight me deeply as does

the time you dedicate to seeking my guidance and Truth your increasing discernment and spiritual understanding

bring me the greatest joy there are countless wonders and Revelations I long to unveil to you my

beloved and as you continue to trust in me wholeheartedly and walk in Humble obedience to my word you will bear

witness to Miracles unfolding powerfully in your life Abundant Blessings unconditional love divine protection and

true Soulful Joy await you even now as you draw ever closer to me always

remember that I chose you and loved you with an everlasting love before you even knew me or understood my

ways seeking my face is not an impossible task or burden for I’m always

ready and willing to listen comfort and respond when you call out to me with a sincere heart I am your rock Fortress

and shelter in the storm be prepared for the answers I give you may surprise and exceed even your wildest dreams as you

align your spirit with mine and earnestly seek to understand my perfect will I shall bless and uplift you in

ways your mind cannot yet fully comprehend it is absolutely crucial that you believe in yourself and your innate

worth for you are my precious one I have purposefully placed you here in this

specific time and place even when the trials and obstacles you face sometimes

cause you to doubt and question the path laid out before you in the midst of suffering and darkness I ask only one

thing of you give me your complete faith and trust no matter what comes you are

never truly alone for I am constantly protecting holding and guiding you with with my mighty and holy hand if you feel

lost or as though you have strayed from the destiny I have set for you simply kneel before me in humility and I will

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