God Says: Do NOT Commit This Foolishness!

my beloved child I perceive that there are times in your life that feel overwhelming filled with enticements and

challenges that leave you feeling lost or disheartened however I desire for you to

know that irrespective of how far you may wander or how many mistakes you commit my affection for you persists

constant and unwavering there is always a way back to the path of righteousness

an occasion to commence a new and abandon the things that weigh you down when you find yourself in those dark

moments feeling as if you cannot continue remember that you can always resort to me for assistance and guidance

I am present to listen to support you and to provide the fortitude you require to confront any obstacle in me you will

discover the prospect for fresh inaugurations and novel Beginnings as the archaic Fades away and everything

becomes renewed therefore place your faith in me my child permit my sacred

spirit to guide you infusing you with my affection and illuminating your course with my light my beloved do not permit

sin and darkness to draw you away from my presence or deprive you of the blessings I have in store for you stand

steadfast in your faith believing that through me you are more than a conqueror capable of prevailing over any challenge

your faith is a formidable Shield against negativity and allurement cling to it drawing upon its Vigor to resist

the enticement of sin and remain unwavering in my love do not allow your

past mistakes or current struggles to Define you or hinder you from the purpose I have for your life press on

toward the goal knowing that the reward that awaits you is far greater than any temporary adversity you may face no

matter how daunting the road ahead may seem trust that with me by your side no

obstacle is insurmountable let my light guide you to the peace and fulfillment that can only be found in a life lived

in accordance with my will when weakness or discouragement come your way seek me with all of your heart

and you will discover the fortitude and resilience required to persevere do not forget I am always nearby waiting for

you to turn to me in difficult times do not permit sin to deprive you of the Abundant Blessings I have promised to

those who live obediently and Faithfully Stand Tall when faced with hardship trusting in my forgiveness and love to

see you through even the most difficult seasons allow me to be your guide your Defender and your Wellspring of strength

knowing that my love surpasses any mistakes or Darkness you may come across as you open your heart to my

grace and favor I will restore your path and lead you into the fullness of life

that can only be found in relationship with me have faith that even in the most trying times I am by your side

supporting you and aiding you in conquering every impediment and attaining new heights I call upon you my

child to to be Valiant and stalwart placing your trust in my love and might as you do so you will begin to see your

life changed in ways you never conceived possible do not despair when confronted with reversals or letdowns for with me

Triumph is guaranteed always remember I am your unchanging companion walking

with you at every step along the way walk the course I have laid out before you and you will uncover the blessings

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