God Message For You Today| Remove The Satan in Your Life..‼️

today God is speaking to you my child I

will now not give a number of the things

which you have requested me because I

understand what is going to happen if I

come up with those matters when Peter

and hisel have been fishing the complete

nighttime they prayed to me for the fish

but I did not solution their prayers

because I had any other plan for them

within the morning please watch this

video till the end of you

believe if I had given them what they

have got asked for they might now not be

acknowledged as what they may be being

known as now in the same way you could

not get certain matters that you are

praying for it isn’t always due to the

fact I am no longer listening to your

prayers I am listening to your prayers

but it is due to the fact I have a plan

for you a plan to prosper you a plan to

bless you remember one factor just

because the matters that you think are

nice for you as now not suggest this is

the exact thing which you need have

religion in me in the right time I will

bless you with the great factor. type

amen if you believe

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