my dearest child I come to you today with a message of great importance one

that touches upon the very fabric of your relationships and the people you have allowed into your life for too long

there has been a presence among those you hold dear a force that has sought to deceive and mislead sewing seeds of

doubt and Discord this person whom you have trusted and embraced as a friend or

loved one has been operating under a veil of deception concealing their true intentions and motives their actions

though veiled in a cloak of familiarity and affection have been Guided by selfish desires and a disregard for your

well-being I your heavenly father have witnessed the pain and confusion that

this individual has caused you and I can no longer remain silent the time has come for the truth

to be revealed for the veil of Deceit to be lifted and for you to see this person

for who they truly are my child you have been blessed with

a pure heart and a trusting nature qualities that have made you vulnerable to those who would seek to exploit your

kindness this person has taken advantage of your trust manipulating situations

and twisting words to serve their own agenda all the while presenting a facade of loyalty and care but I the all-

knowing and everpresent God have seen through their shade I have witnessed their duplicitous

actions their carefully crafted lies and their disregard for the sanctity of your

relationship no longer will I allow this deception to continue for it not only

harms you but also undermines the very principles upon which I have created this world as your heavenly father it is

my sacred duty to protect you from harm and to guide you towards the path of Truth and righteousness I have endured

this situation long enough watching as this person has swn Discord and uncertainty in your life causing you to

question your own judgment and intuition now the time has come for me to intervene to expose the true nature

of this individual and to reveal the depths of their deceit I will shine a light upon their actions Illuminating

the lies and manipulations that have been hidden in the shadows so that you may see them for what they truly are my

child I understand that this Revelation may be painful for the bond you have

formed with this person has been built upon a foundation of trust and affection

however it is better to face the truth no matter how difficult than to remain

trapped in a Web of Lies and deception as you navigate this challenging time I

will be by your side offering you strength

guidance and the unwavering love of a father who desires only the best for his child I will help you to process this

truth to heal from the wounds inflicted by this person’s betrayal and to emerge stronger and wiser than

before remember my child that true relationships are built upon a

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