God Message For You Today| God Is Happy Because You Are Happy

God has a message for you

today my beloved children don’t say I am

not answering for your prayers whilst

you cognizance more on complaining and

disturbing rather than Believing on what

you are praying for trust me something

you ask for in prayer consider that you

have received it and it will be yours

just due to the fact you do not see

something taking place yet does not mean

that I am no longer operating on it one

component you must understand is that

each and each second I am preparing you

for what you are praying and waiting for

so agree with me what I begin in your

existence say will end it in a way you

in no way assume you had prayed a

approximately the whole thing to me

right so be affected person I will

answer you do to the fact you are my

baby and I love you lots don’t you

believe you studyed I will answer what

you er a Praying for if you believe I

will answer simply believe me as opposed

to disturbing or find stressful I am

always on time typ how man if you

believe in Jesus Christ

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