God Message For You Today| “Don’t Close Heavens Door By…”

God wants you to hear this now the

supreme god claims let me reassure you

your life is about to be touched by

blessings descending gently upon you

like a soothing rain enriching Your

Existence with Grace the love I hold for

you is

unparalleled and the plans I’ve laid out

for you surpass all understanding my

intention is to Anchor you with a

purpose that brings teas and to

transform your trials into

triumphs I will guide you from Barren

lands to places brimming with life and

refreshment accept these gifts with open

arms filled with faith happiness and

modesty for blessings come and varied

forms often simple yet profound chosen

for those who see potential in the

smallest of

gestures if you are feeling a positive

vibe then like this

video keep your heart open for marvelous

events are on the horizon dive into my

teachings and you start to notice the

signs of blessings Drawing Near I look

for those with hearts ready to love

unconditionally and forgive generously

remember you were selected by Me Your

Fate has been inscribed in the heavens

long before time began write Ammon if

you believe

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