God Message For You Today| “Facing The Future”

God speak to you today my beloved ones

you belong to me and my spirit lives in

you my spirit is sord of extraordinary

electricity for you he’s now not magic

you in reality have to let cross and

permit Miss spirit to guide you when

you’re unsure my spirit gives knowledge

when you conflict with fear and tension

my spirit pressures in peace and love

when you start to go with the flow and

ATT tempted to observe your own manner

my spirit will lead you into my will you

don’t have anything to worry because

you’ve got entrusted your life to me my

spirit will consolation you intercede

for you and suggest for you great

benefits are approximately to enter your


due to the fact you have got believed

for good buy you never gave up you

remained devoted your willpower passion

and persistence are approximately to pay

off in a main manner everything is

approximately to make feel if you’re

feeling a positivity then like this

video I actually have some blessings

which are coming your way in order to

purpose you to overlook what you’ve got

through neglect who harms you overlook

what you lost and Overlook what wasn’t

fair you’ve acquired a double dose of

hassle but a double dose of favor is

coming your manner comments amen if you


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