God Message For You Today| Never Doubt My Support | God’s Blessings

God is saying if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this complete

video I will never send you into a

situation alone I will go before you I

will stand beside you I will walk behind

you whatever situation you’re in proper

now be confident I am with you

continually even till the end of time

what are you traumatic approximately why

are you losing sleep you may not see how

there’ll be a training session however

what you cannot see is me providing you

with want trust my timing I am with you

constantly please like this video if you


Jesus this isn’t the quit I have more

for you where you started out isn’t

where you’re going to finish I have

incredible plans to your destiny it’s to

met a move ahead trust

me God says in times of uncertainty

allow Faith be your anchor trust in me

with all your coronary heart and lean

now not on your very own

knowledge my approaches are better than

your approaches and my thoughts are

better than your mind and as you are

trying to find my will I will direct


route typ how man if you believe in

Jesus Christ

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