[Music] my beloved child in the vast expanse of

this universe where stars are formed and galaxies spin in Majestic silence I

stand as your steady light and salvation I am your lord your God the guardian who

leads you the Healer who mends your wounds in the presence of the unknown

who shall you fear behold I am the stronghold of your existence the rampart

against the tremors of Life neither the harsh decrees of Earthly judges nor the

serious pronouncements of Physicians obscure the wisdom and Revelation I grant upon you I am the Everlasting

Arbiter the supreme authority it is my voice that orders the tide of Fate as

the Builder of Heaven and Earth I have the power to raise you from the shadows of Despair covering you in an Embrace of

love that strengthens your heart do not be moved by the mockers those who

ridicule the faith and devotion you hold in me they reside in a realm of

misunderstanding oblivious of the Miracles that I in my boundless love Grant upon you welcome your relationship

with me for it is I who love you limitlessly supply your needs pardon your missteps and support your spirit

see how I have come to bless you with resilience and vigor enabling you to rise above challenges and Advance

forward with new new purpose let not doubt fog your mind when faced with

trials these are not your ruin but rather channels for my glory to shine through in your life for you to arise

stronger and more determined fear not the Spectre of Calamity for it shall not

affect you stand tall with your spirit unfazed your gaze steady even in moments

of weakness know that I am there to support you against Despair and defeat I

am your instant anchor in turbulent Seas able to elevate you above any storm of

failure or setback your journey is far from over there is much to achieve many

paths to walk Picture the day when countless grateful Hearts will recognize your perseverance and I in my infinite

grace will honor you with the glory of my love a testament to your unwavering

faith and devotion in this holy Bond you will find the strength to overcome all

directed by my eternal light to those who trust their souls to me who journey

through life with unwavering faith in my words embracing the truth of a mystical

existence I promise a magnificent reward in this realm I will shower you with

blessings envelop you in my light and show you the wondrous Miracles that will

affect your family and home my Mercy will be your comfort and in your home my

peace will reign supreme if you heed my call and open your heart to me I will

Encompass you with my presence endowing your life with profound wisdom the

riches I offer are not temporary they are the Supreme gifts Eternal blessings

Harmony in your home and robust Health that challenge all adversity those who

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