FEEL MY LOVE MY CHILD | God’s Message Now

[Music] my beloved child wait for a moment and

hear this message with the depth of your being I summon you to lend me just a brief instant of your precious time

immerse yourself fully in each utterance I speak letting the world’s distractions

vanish the message I bring to you today surpasses all Earthly worries stay with

me a bit longer and share your deepest Sensations let me tenderly lift the

burdens of sorrow and Melancholy from your spirit in my affectionate Embrace I

offer you a Peace So vast a Tranquility so complete open your heart to me permit

yourself to be wrapped in my affection my words are not trivial nor are my promises empty my aim is to elevate your

spirits to place a smile on your face each morning as you seek my presence

know that I love you this is the essence of my message you know of this love you

believe in it but now I implore you to truly live in this Sacred Love and reclaim Joy I have always been with you

and always will be in my grasp you are safe your path Sure hold this certainty

firm in your heart my arms are forever open to you prepared to listen to your supplications and requests as each new

day Dawns open your eyes take a profound breath and feel my presence encircling

you I cherish our morning conversations where you come to me with courage and faith believing that I will attend to

your every need lean on me when life’s storms swirl around you when you find

yourself surrounded by trials and troubles resist the lure of worry stand

Resolute Against The Whispers of fear your faith in me is well Justified I

Will Never Let You Down cherish my word recall how I have rescued you before how

I saved you from enemies liberated you from death’s grasp and released you from

Peril even in the darkest times when hope seemed distant I returned with my

mighty word I accomplished Miracles there are boundless wonders yet to unfold in your life put your heart in my

hands with steadfast trust let me steer and support you further I long to

protect you day and night maintaining a Vigilant watch over you do not permit despair to take root in your soul for my

love for you is Limitless I want you to Revel in my peace and reclaim true happiness I see each tear

you shed and hear every prayer you whisper especially those seeking Safeguard and help for your loved ones

often you selflessly pray for others disregarding your own needs this display

of adoration and gratitude affects my heart deeply as you draw near me

maintain this Spirit of veneration even if you hold back your requests no know

that I am eager to shower you with blessings far beyond your imagination stand solid in your faith trust that I

will fulfill all my promises to you beware of losing heart when obstacles

arise on your path remember your destiny is safely in my hands you will reach

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