alert alert and

alert this is a warning and an alert

message to all Christians

globally coming from the heavens above

for all of his faithful

Believers and especially


recently three alert signs has occurred

in the sky all across the globe and God

is clearly indicating the urgency of the

times we are living

in all these and times signs are asking

the Believers to prepare

themselves so prepare yourselves with

the things that will be shared ahead in


video so pay complete attention until

the very end of this

message and do share it with your loved

ones at least people you love the


otherwise you will be left behind and

may remain deprived of the blessings

that are trying to come into your

life now child of the Divine

although there are many signs being

visible at different places of the world

regarding the fate of many

nations but through these three major

and recent signs that occurred in the

sky God is asking every believer to be

alert and prepare for witnessing the

major turn in in their

Destiny many people in different nations

has heard a weird sound coming

mysteriously from the

sky just as it is mentioned in the

scriptures Thessalonians

says for the Lord himself will come down

from heaven with a loud command with the

voice of the

Archangel and with the trumpet call of

God and departed Souls will rise in


first after that we who are still alive

and are left will be caught up together

with them in the clouds to meet the Lord

in the

air and so

we will be with the Lord

forever did you hear that verse the

sounds heard by people across the

Nations was resembling with the sound of


trumpet this is not a fictional story

this is real and it is happening across


world some say it’s like loud Banks or

fireworks while other describe it as big

booms no one knows where it is coming

from or what it is actually some thought

it might be a sonic boom but others

weren’t sure it’s a strange situation

for them leaving everyone

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