his video came to you for a big reason

and that reason is related to your

life in your life you might be in desire

of some things that you feel they should

be there but are not

there but among all the webs of these

desires and

needs just ask yourself for a

moment are you pray praising God as you

should praise him for things that are

already present in your

life dear child of God in the business

of our daily lives it is easy to get

caught up in our desires and

aspirations we long for success for

fulfillment for love and

acceptance which isese after dreams and

goals hoping they will bring us the

happiness and satisfaction We

crave and while it’s natural to have


desires it is crucial to

pause and reflect on where our Focus


lies ask yourself are we putting our

desires above our devotion to God are we

seeking fulfillment in worldly Pursuits

rather than in the presence of the

almighty are we allowing our needs to

overshadow our praise and

worship you see my dear friend true

fulfillment can only be found in God he

is the source of all blessings The Giver

of every good and the perfect gift when

we prioritize our relationship with God

when we lift our voices in praise and

adoration ation we tap into a Wellspring

of joy and contentment that transcends

our Earthly

desires psalm reminds

us take Delight in the Lord and He will

give you the desires of your

heart when we Delight ourselves in the

lot when we make him the center of Earth

lives he aligns our desires with his

perfect will he transforms our hearts

shaping our desires to reflect his

purposes and plans so my dear friend I

urge you to examine your heart today are

you praising God amidst your desires and

needs are you acknowledging his goodness


faithfulness even in the midst of

uncertainty and

longing praise this is a poent weapon

against the schemes of the enemy it

defeats the devil quicker than any other


plan when we offer genuine hfat

praise we are putting on an invisible

garment that protects us from defeat and

negativity in our

minds let your praise be for the promise

in God’s worth and for his goodness not

just a method to test its

Effectiveness and remember dear child of

God we can never be too

thankful thank God all day long

acknowledging the many blessings and

Provisions he has bestowed upon

you I pray may you never ever forget to

praise and thank God for everything he

has done for you

you amen

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