many times you think is God speaking to

me actually or are these just my own

thoughts my child this is the reason I

the Lord is speaking to you through this


today I want you to understand that I

speak to you even

today in the still of your hearts I

speak to you through the Whispers of the

wind and the rustle of the leaves I make

my presence

known I am the voice that resonates in

the depths of your soul guiding you

comforting you and revealing my truth to

you when you open your Bible it is my

voice that leaps off the page

speaking directly to your

circumstances and ministering to your

needs for in my word you will find the

answers you seek the wisdom you crave

and the peace that surpasses all

understanding but I do not speak to you

only through the written

word I also speak to you through the

stirring of your

spirits provoking you to action and

compelling you to follow my

leading like Paul whose Spirit was

stirred within him when he saw the city

of Athens given over to

Idols I stir your hearts calling you to

stand up for righteousness and the

truth in The Quiet Moments of your life

I speak to you in a still Small

Voice it is in these moments of

solitude that you will hear me most

clearly for I am always with you guiding

you along the path of

righteousness and leading you beside


Waters my child but most

importantly I speak to you through my

hope Holy Spirit who dwells within you

bearing witness to the truth of your

identity as my beloved

children the spirit Works in tandem with

your own Spirits guiding you convicting

you and empowering you to live lives

that honor and glorify

me so my dear children do not doubt

listen for my voice voice for any voice

you are receiving and leading you to the

path of

righteousness is my

voice so open your hearts to receive my

guidance my comfort and my

direction for in me alone will you find

the wisdom the strength and the

Assurance you need to navigate the

challenges of life

never ever forget that I am always with

you speaking to you through multiple

ways guiding you and loving you with my

Everlasting and unconditional

love your heavenly father

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