Evil has No Power Over You | Trust God’s Timing

my dearest child listen closely for these words come from a heart overflowing with love for you I am your

father your God the one who guides you with a shepherd’s gentle hand as you rest in my arms know that you are

embraced by a warmth unlike any other your very existence brings me immense joy and from sunrise to sunset

my greatest pleasure is to fill your days with my love even as you Slumber I

stand watch my hands soft stroking your hair Whispering words of comfort that mend your heart and equip you for the

adventures that await each Dawn brings a chance to rise with renewed courage and Faith be brave

my precious one let not doubts or fears Cloud your spirit remember no obstacle

is insurmountable when we face it together evil has no dominion over you

for you are mine and I promise to be your shield no matter the

storm walk confidently in this beautiful life I have gifted you Embrace its blessings wholeheartedly

never looking back with regret I have buried deep the pain of your past replacing it with a sacred

Wellspring of joy and strength that uplifts your spirit you stand now in my presence

these words of love a permanent inscription Upon Your Heart A guiding flame on the path to your

destiny though you may feel small and vulnerable at times take solace in the knowledge that within me you have an

eternal Refuge with every step you take every choice you make my Holy Spirit and my

boundless love are your companions should Darkness or despair resurface remember that even in the most

trying times I am your constant companion trust in my word in the

unwavering affection that overflows for you within them you will discover the

peace and fortitude to persevere just as a Shepherd cares for his flock I

walk beside you every step of the way a constant reminder of the depth of my love for you it is a love complete and

genuine offering you a sanctuary of protection a Haven of safety

always I walk ahead of you smoothing the path before you eager to witness your

blossoming faith and courage I yearn for you to join me on this journey experiencing blessings

confronting challenges overcoming adversaries and ultimately achieving glorious

Victory hear me now my child the time has come open your arms to the abundance

that awaits you are chosen destined for great things defeat is not your portion

there will be moments of anxiety and fear times when progress seems stagnant unexpected expenses arise and finances

appear limited but fret not for I shall take care of your monetary concerns have

unwavering confidence that I watch over you and your loved ones with unwavering care even in hardship let not Financial

woes burden you I am with you always offering guidance and

support with trust and faith in me you will see Life With A Renewed sense of optimism and

Hope just as I have always been there for you so too will I continue to support you and your family showering

you with love and assistance at all times you are precious to me my beloved child

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