God Message For You Today | Your Sad Days Are Coming To An End.”

my dear one remember that I am your

Pillar of Strength and your unwavering

Navigator this realization becomes

particularly comforting on those days

when you feel completely overwhelmed

bombarded by doubts about your own

capabilities and the nagging thought

that you can’t possibly

continue embracing me as your source of

strength means you’re never alone

you have a constant companion guiding

you along helping clear your path and

giving you the courage for every new

Step I’m holding your hand offering you

my wisdom every step of the way with my

own knowing perspective I provide

insights and advice that are unparallel

so there’s no need to fret over your own


these moments of feeling inadequate are

actually lessons in Learning to Lean on

my enduring support trusting in my

presence and

assistance typow man if you receive this

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