God Message For You Today| “Do not judge, or you too will be judged”

God is saying to you today when Peter

heard the sounds of the storms even one

knew who changed tend to there and in

the direction of whom he Wast taking

walks at the water he lost his faith and

started out to fall in the equal way in

your existence even while you understand

I am with you and whilst you stroll and

Faith firmly there will come some

storms to distract you or to make your

stressful doubt over the things that I

am already in control at that point

don’t lose your awareness from me hold

on on your religion in me because the

storm’s W comes and is going Duty may be

with you for all time I will stay

trustworthy I will remain keeping you

close to my heart I will remain guiding

you I will continue to be shielding you

I will stay blessing you I will remain

trustworthy to what he stated or

promised for nothing’s not possible for

me I always preserve this on your mind

your religion in me subjects and I also

had you want always let me let you know

it is real that it’s smes impossible to

please me without religion I always

don’t forget

your small religion and neque can change

whatever duck type thanks you got if you


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