Anything Is Possible With God

God has spoken to you my dear children I

am starting a door that no iy can shut I

actually have no longer forgotten about

you I’ve heard every prayer on D visible

each tear get ready for the blessing get

prepared for Leap Forward please like

this video if you love

Jesus the future generations of your own

family call or going to be blessed due

to the fact you planted seeds of

faithfulness in me and as you’re

obedient to my phrases if you do the

human beings who pop out of your own

family tree may have a blessing in


past you are harvesting each suitable

and terrible out of your Beyond due to

the fact you’re at the best individual

who is being sewing you need to take

your Alternatives very

seriously due to the fact your life goes

to affect future Generations you can’t

control the past but you may destroy the

chain of hurt and abuse and ungodliness

now you can set up my legacy by using

sewing seeds of prayer and love and

generosity and Faith comment amen if you

need God help

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