Stop what you’re doing now

my dear child hear these Reflections and

powerful prayers and renew your day by

surrendering everything to God live a

life of forgiveness not one consumed by

revenge against others remember God sees

every Injustice committed against you

every person who has hurt you he keeps

the records and scripture says that if

you do not seek revenge God will re

reward you

abundantly today I invite you to let go

of any thoughts of Vengeance suffering

fear or pain remember I did not bring

you this far to leave you alone trust in

my plan for you and step forward with

courage no challenge is too daunting

when you walk with me by your side I

will provide you with the strength to

surmount any

obstacle Focus not on your limitations

today but on my Limitless power that is

work in your life always crafting

circumstances for your benefit do not be

disheartened by setbacks each challenge

you face is a canvas for me to

demonstrate my transformative power in

your life if today finds you unwell if

sorrow or weakness weigh heavily upon

you remember that I am your strength in

times of trouble my grace is sufficient

for you ample for every need you might


I’m capable of Performing miracles in

your life of turning the impossible into

possible for

you understand that you are never alone

for my presence surrounds you always

just as I calm the storm with a word and

healed the sick with a touch I can calm

the turmoil within you and mend what


broken embrace the peace I provide that

surpasses all

understanding call on me in your times

of need and I will

answer I will uplift you and set your

feet on Solid Ground today as you

continue your journey let your heart be

light and your spirit be filled with

hope for with me all things are truly

possible even if the path seems dark and

clouded with no light or hope in sight

remember that God is your light and your

salvation he will guide you to victory

he will lead you on the right path the

path of your

dreams no matter how big your dream no

matter how vast your desires remember

that if you serve God he can do

extraordinary things through

you from today onward commit yourself to

approach each day with gratitude and

hope secure in the knowledge that I your

God have a purpose for every situation

you encounter know that I am never

distant I am always close at hand my

presence accompanies you at all times

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