my dearest child you are so precious to me I want you to truly know and feel how

much I care for you please listen as I speak gently to your heart encouraging

you and building up your courage so that fear cannot take hold though the road

has been difficult and you have faced setbacks do not let yourself become discouraged or forget all the good

things I have brought into your life thus far the successes breakthroughs and victories hold on to the memory of those

let them fuel you to keep pressing onward stay alert and intently focused on each step I call you to take let my

guidance direct your every move illuminate the path laid out before you when it comes time to make decisions

whether big or small cling tightly to your faith in me have confidence that I will lead you where you need to go move

forward boldly and bravely when new doors open up for you do not hesitate or allow fear of the unknown to hold you

back from walking through them you have no need to be afraid of anyone do not let others diminish or demean you try to

assert superiority over you you are my beloved child you have immeasurable

worth and profound purpose treat all people with compassion integrity and Justice as I would but submit yourself

to no earthly power or authority I alone have true sway over your spirit and Destiny no one can snatch away the good

I have prepared for you or dictate the course of your life likewise do not

tolerate others controlling or imposing upon your loved ones make choices founded on my love for you keep your

focus on doing what is right heeding the wise counsel I have embedded deep within you follow the voice of truth that

emanates from me in this way you will find success and Lasting freedom from all that holds you back my child your

life is in my hands and I will lead you into abundant Joy banish all fear and doubt that threatens your faith though

trials assale I walk with you guiding each step until you reach the end

Victorious you possess courage drawn from my spirit within no force of darkness no sorceries or false teachings

can truly harm you for I alone laid down my life for you and was raised again to imperishable life you are safe in my

hands do not be deceived by words meant to alarm and distract you from trusting me I will grant you success and abundant

blessing use wisdom and diligence in all you do yet never let Earthly Pursuits

eclipse what matters most your family and the spiritual Treasures I impart no

possession or achievement Rivals the value of loved ones and gifts from above keep this ever before you come rest in

my presence and soak in my living Words Be attentive each evening and morning to wisdom from above as you lay down to

sleep and rise to greet the day meditate on my promises and assurances listen

closely as I guide you onto righteous paths Desiring always always to prosper and not harm you if you follow my light

that illuminates the way ahead Victory is assured do not be enticed down dark roads or entangled in the cunning

schemes of the merciless and cruel pay no heed to malicious rumors meant to shame and discourage keep your eyes

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