Someone is giving you blassings because you are made..

it turns out that someone had to learn a

very difficult lesson about past choices

related to

love one decision left his stuck and

heartbroken but his other decision made


grow but like said they decided to play

around and find

out there was a lot of discussion in and

around the choice they made but they

felt felt it was the best choice because

they had very little discussion with

you they wanted to take the simple

advantageous path where they would not

have to compromise but I feel very

strongly that they chose the path of

loss they should have done explore

instead of the one they

chose this person needed to take control

and organize their life and experience

the opposite

of I understand very well not only how

resourceful you are as

individuals but also how resourceful you

both are as a team that brings the unit

together you’ll see that person willing

to negotiate compromise and come back in

harmony with you rather than being

confrontational or trying to control


everything it’s better to get to know

you a little bit better than to do

nothing at

all the source advises people to stop

being so easily swayed and swayed by

desire Temptation and a pretty

face I see you reminding

her you inspired this girl person to not

only run away from the they got

themselves into but also the

Matrix and I see them now standing up

and defending

themselves has a stronger border because

of your

stance this girl friends people are

amazed at how genuine you are and

believe she is I ow% sure they want to


you crowns


I may be important at saladis

is my only her

account I have people who constantly

have to protect themselves in a

connection and end up running away not

just physically but

energetically it is as if they have

negotiated a deal with the source that

if they channel from the heart they can

have everything they want in love and

life they may be aware of the the

elusion of choice but they surrender to

this connection

anyway that’s because not only is that

what they really want but there’s so

much to gain as if this were an always

will be

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