Your person was notable to sleep last night…

I’m not okay pretending that

everything’s fine without

you it just doesn’t feel

right well I may not be weak my heart

feels heavy and it’s been quite some

time since I’ve had a peaceful night’s

sleep our struggles were not just due to

my actions but also because of the toxic

people and situations that surrounded

us these negative influences hurt our

relationship and I’m starting to see


now when I look back I can’t fathom why

I left you being aart has opened my eyes

to your true self which I deeply

admire you’re strong authentic and


hardworking despite the heartache and

pain we’ve been through I’ve watched you

shine and handle everything with Grace


determination your strength and

resilience have been nothing short of

inspiring your ability to stay true to

yourself even during tough times is

remarkable you faced challenges headon

and never compromised your values or

Integrity watching you navigate through

life’s difficulties has made me

appreciate you even

more your courage is something I deeply

admire and it’s become clear that you

have an inner resilience that helps you

push through even the hardest

times being a part has given me A New

Perspective I’ve witnessed how you’ve

worked tirelessly to overcome obstacles

showing immense determination and

grit your authenticity and dedication

have stood out making it evident that

you have a unique ability to stay strong

in the face of

adversity your light shines brightly

even in the darkest moments

and it’s a testament to your

character reflecting on our relationship

I realize just how much you mean to me I

deeply regret leaving you because I now

see how special you

are your strength and hard work have

inspired me to become a better person

observing you handle life’s challenges

with such resilience and Grace has made

me appreciate you even

more I Wish I Could Turn Back Time and

make different choices but I understand

that’s not

possible instead I want you to know how

much I admire and respect you the person

I’ve seen while we been aart is strong

genuine and Incredibly

hardworking you’ve shown me what true

resilience looks like and that has

inspired me to strive for better you

have a unique ability to light up the

room even when things are tough

your true self is a beacon of strength


authenticity and seeing you shine has

been a

privilege I’ve come to realize that our

time apart has shown me what an amazing

person you

are and I’m grateful for the lessons

I’ve learned from

you from the first moment we met there

was a

spark a special connection that has only

grown stronger over time

It’s Like An Invisible Thread that keeps

pulling me back to you no matter how far

apart we’ve

been I’ve wanted to have a meaningful

conversation with you for some time now

someone had to take the first step and

that someone is me while we can’t change

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