God told me to warn you about a man with a name…

today God has a message just for you he

wants you to know that he’s always with

you walking by your side as your guide


protector his love for you is

boundless and he’s always there to

Shield you from any

harm this message today brings both a

word of caution and a promise of

safety God is giving you a heads up

today he’s pointed out someone whose

name starts with an

ay this person who you thought was

trustworthy and have been talking to

isn’t really on your

side they’re pretending to be a friend

but they’re planning to use you for

their own

reasons after getting close to you they

intend to leave which could leave you

feeling abandoned and

hurt but here’s the good news God won’t

let you face this

alone you are under his watchful eye and

you won’t allow this betrayal to hurt

you you are his beloved child and he is

about to reveal the truth about this

person so even though things might seem

tough remember God is right there with

you God is sending a Cascade of

blessings your way today infused with

guidance strength and

protection in a world where sincerity is

cherished it’s disheartening to learn

that someone you’ve trusted may not be

as genuine as they

appear this

person whom you have welcomed into your

life is planning to betray that

trust they intend to build a bond with

you only to disappear

abruptly which could leave you feeling

deeply hurt and

misled yet amidst this unsettling

revelation God has a profound Assurance

for you you are his cherished child and

he will not let this betrayal reach you

you rest securely under his Vigilant

care and he is actively safeguarding you

from those who Harbor ill

intentions soon the veil will be lifted

on this person’s true

nature exposing the deceit hidden behind

their friendly

exterior God’s blessings are not just a

shield but also a source of immense

strength reminding you that you are

never facing life’s trials alone

as you confront these trials and the

truths that

unfold keep in mind that you are wrapped

in God’s protective

Embrace in these trying times it is

essential to hold firmly to your faith

and trust in God’s unwavering

support he is your constant guide and

will lead you through this

Tempest the unveiling of the truth is a

powerful demonstration of God’s loving

care and meticulous

guidance it reaffirms that you are never

isolated in your journey rather you are

continuously accompanied by divine

presence this warning is meant to keep

you alert yet comforted secure in the

knowledge that God is perpetually at


side in the journey ahead as you face

challenges and Revelations remember that

each step is Guided by God’s light his

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