You won’t believe who’s been asking about you lately…

if you’re watching this video today your guardian angels have an important message for you in particular you won’t

believe who’s been asking about you lately it’s the last person you would expect the Angels say you are a person

of great influence you make a significant impact on everyone you encounter often without even realizing

it you change lives even brief interactions with people leave a lasting

impression imagine meeting someone and off offering them a kind smile or a few

encouraging words those small gestures can linger in their hearts for a long

time your kindness ignites a spark that inspires them they might then spread

that kindness to others because of you think about the people in your life some may seem indifferent but your presence

profoundly affects them perhaps you inspire them with your courage kindness

or positivity one interaction can change someone more than you realize

you might think your role in others lives is small but the Angels see the larger impact they see how your actions

create ripples that touch many lives you are like a pebble thrown into a pond

with ripples spreading farther than you can see remember our lives are shaped by

what we receive but the essence of life is found in what we give a modest

donation of $ can nourish a child for multiple days are you ready meanwhile

there is someone who is deeply affected by you this person can’t stop thinking about you and is very curious they have

been asking everyone who knows you for information imagine them talking to your friends and family eager to learn more

about you they ask questions eager to learn more about you they want to

understand your personality and What Makes You tick they might inquire about your hobbies favorite activities and

what brings you Joy picture them listening intently to each answer excited to discover more about you they

might even jot down little notes about what they learn this person wants to know you on a deeper level they are

fascinated by you and want to know what makes you smile and what you care about most they are piecing together a picture

of who you are asking about your favorite books your dreams and your

passions they search for clues in everything they hear trying to understand the kind of of person you are

inside each new piece of information makes them more eager to learn they are

like a detective on a mission seeking every possible way to get to know you better surprisingly there’s someone

showing an unexpected level of interest in you this individual who may have

never openly expressed their feelings towards you is now displaying a keen curiosity about your life it’s likely

someone you never imagined having any significant interest in you perhaps even someone you once suspected of disliking

you despite any previous doubts or uncertainties they are now revealing a

genuine curiosity about you catching you off guard this Revelation challenges the

notion of who you thought might be interested in your life it’s fascinating to realize the impact you have on others

even those who may not openly express it some people are straightforward about their feelings towards you leaving no

room for death out while others surprise you with their hidden interest interpreting others feelings can be

challenging especially when they are not forthcoming about their thoughts it can leave you feeling uncertain particularly

if you tend to be open about your own emotions this unce

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  1. It’s Chris!

    He has stolen money I won in sweepstakes. I finally confronted him telling him I know he stold money from me that I earned. I told him he needs to pay the money back to me. The contest is ending soon and I think I did pretty well.
    This man is no good. I lived in a rental home and he moved into my attic. I heard him sexually assault children children in my attic. He killed one of them.
    I don’t want anything to do with him!
    All my love,


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