isten attentively to my words remain steadfast and heed my counsel and you

will witness the transformation of your life as many of the promised blessings manifest before you your emotions will

not be shaken by unforeseen changes and your troubles will not overwhelm you

with sadness I desire for you to live in peaceful strength anchored by Inner

serenity today I reiterate our covenant strengthening the bond between you and

me be Resolute and bold setting your sights on a future overflowing with

blessings I no longer wish for you to be consumed by worry or overcome by despair

instead rest peacefully for I am your Shepherd Your Guardian your

deliverer these words I send from my Throne trusting you will hold them dear in your heart if weariness weighs upon

you seek refuge in me and I will provide Solace and reprieve I am committed to shielding and

preserving you from all forms of evil guarding against the abyss of death and

sin that seeks to estrange you from me my light shines brightly upon your path

thwarting the enemy’s attempts to lure you into darkness and deception or

refrain from seeking vengeance instead find strength in my words

bestowed upon you to withstand the assaults standing unwavering in faith and

loyalty do not allow emotions such as anger frustration or bitterness to take

root in your heart forgive those who have caused you harm and offer prayers for them while steadfastly moving

forward without hesitation for there are still countless blessings awaiting you

true progress can only be achieved when you Embrace forgiveness and release the burdens of the past for every minute you

spend in shame you will be rewarded with peace and

[Music] prosperity today I implore you to heed

my words with a tranquil heart do not succumb to fear when you Traverse

uncertain and shadowed paths you are never alone my hand forever entwined

with yours guiding you towards the life life adorned with eternal blessings therefore Repose in my

unwavering love and place your trust in my guidance assured that I shall lead

you towards the Luminous path delivering you from the darkness that at times

encroaches upon your soul the world and its inhabitants May

insist that the struggle is futile but heed my voice I assure you what once you grasp

the depth of my love for you and how it envelops transforms and enfolds you in

tranquility and affection you will yearn for Eternal existence my love has the power to

dissolve your troubles and reconcile conflicts ushering forth a state of

Serenity and resolution you are a child of the

Eternal holy and omnipotent King you are an inheritor of spiritual blessings you

are triumphant in me you discover a sanctuary where I perpetually infold you

beneath my protective Wings offering solace in moments both joyful and

sorrowful fortitude in times of need assistance to ascend from the depths and

illumination to navigate through the darkest of ours it is your faith that ignites the

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