Want My Heaven, Watch Because Only 7 Hours Left

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved Child open wide the doors of

your heart and invite me in let me be

your constant companion your Safe Harbor

and your source of strength in moments

of weakness do not hesitate to place

your trust in me do not allow the

shadows of past mistakes to obscure your

present or future remember your journey

and its stumbles do not Define your

value in my eyes I’m always here

reaching out to you with a hand

overflowing with

love waiting for you to grasp it and

walk with me on a path illuminated by

faith Love and

Hope take hold of my hand and

together we will embark on a journey

that promises fulfillment beyond measure

you will not regret this decision

instead you will discover the profound

blessings of my unwavering love and

boundless Grace come now do not lose

heart all will be well there may be

moments of Doubt or uncertainty but do

not despair for you are never alone I am

by your side steadfastly holding your

hand listen to my voice do not ignore

its gentle

Whispers though you may not hear me in

audible words in Quiet

Moments you will feel my presence

through the wise counsel of those around

you and in the Serene Stillness where my

closeness is

palpable know that I cherish you deeply


unconditionally my love for you knows no

bounds I am here for you always ready to

offer love

forgiveness and Abundant

Blessings hear me now as I speak

directly to your heart amidst the hustle

and hle of daily life amidst the

challenges that come your way understand

that I am right beside you I care for

you deeply with a love that is infinite

and enduring a love that seeks only the

best for you this love assures you that

I will never let you

down every promise I make to you I will

fulfill since the moment I breathed life

into you I have cradled you in my arms

accompanying you through every joy and

sorrow your Happ Happ has been my joy

and your pain my own my love for you has

never wavered not for an

instant even when others have failed you

causing hurt and leaving

scars I have been there to lift you up

and strengthen you I have never turned

away from you and I never will

today I invite you to find solace in me

amidst life’s turbulent storms and draw

strength from me in moments of

vulnerability let my guidance illuminate

your path with hope peace and unending

Joy type Amen in the comments and don’t

forget to share this message with up to

three people so that God can help you in

times of turmoil and overwhelming

challenges when the world seems to

conspire against you remember that I

stand steadfastly beside you despite the

obstacles you face The Sting of betrayal

from friends or the doors that close

unexpectedly my love for you remains

steadfast and eternal my commitment to

you knows no bounds you will never face

your trials alone when you feel a drift

or uncertain search within your heart

Where My Love Burns brightly and

eternally I am your Guiding Light

through the darkest nights leading you

out of Shadows into Clarity even amidst

the darkest paths I am there to

illuminate the way forward and Grant you

the strength to

persevere should you ever feel abandoned

by those you trusted remember that I am

ever present in your moments of deepest

Solitude I wrap you in my loving Embrace

offering Solace and comfort while human

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