God Says: Defeating ENVIOUS DOES

my beloved child I speak to you from the depths of my heart for you are dear to me listen to these words with your

entire being for they are meant for you alone I ask for just a moment of your

precious attention to hear my voice above all distractions what I wish to share with

you is of Greater importance than anything else that occupies your thoughts stay with me a little longer

and open your heart let me take away the pain that burdens your soul and banish the melancholic thoughts that haunt your

mind you are invited to join hands with others who share a vision of kindness and humility working together to heal

and comfort where there is need your dedication to these humble Endeavors Guided by a spirit of selflessness and

love will Forge meaningful connections and make a positive difference in the lives around you now is the time to

embrace your role as contributors in a period of gradual change and Improvement those among you steady and

reliable in your efforts will play a vital role in this period of transition helping to open New Paths of

understanding and cooperation When Storms approach run to me you will have nothing to fear I light

this spark in your heart because you have much life ahead of you you have lost life and health but I will restore

them to you I will extend your days with wisdom and you will use your years to help others and spread my light to those

walking in darkness you will plant wise words in your family

you will speak of me share your testimony and tell the world that there is a miracle waiting for anyone who asks

of me these words reignite the flame of my love in your heart you have all my

love that’s why the enemy fears you he knows I defend you protect you and

provide for you with me you lack nothing you always have been are and always will

be more than a conqueror don’t be like others who were loved deeply but listened to their enemies and believed

they were worth nothing they stopped believing in my love turned away from me

and wandered the world without peace Comfort or God I hold you close offering

you Serenity and peace like no other come trust me with your heart allow

yourself to be loved I am a keeper of promises and my words hold a profound

purpose I’m here to lift your spirits to bring a smile to your face every morning morning as you seek me know that I love

you truly and deeply I want you to not only know it and believe it but to feel

this Sacred Love within you so you can find happiness once more I have never left your side and I will never forget

you this is an unshakable truth this is how I want to see you full of confidence

with unbreakable courage and with the certainty that all the beautiful things you hope for will soon come to you this

is your faith that spark of trust you give me when you open your eyes each morning you please me greatly and my way

of rewarding you is by doing many wonders in your life I love you and

sometimes I remain silent contemplating the beautiful future that lies ahead of you do not be afraid of the processes

the trials or the conflicts in my holy name and holding my hand face all your problems tell me that

you will you are no longer bound to those who mistre you I am with you and I

will not leave you if you make those important decisions you won’t be alone I

will provide for your needs remember your faith in me your focus on the

future that’s how I want to see you and that’s how I will bless you this is my

response to the question you asked me today let’s have a clear conversation I want to talk to you just

give m

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