This person is aware of your age and still can..

today God giving you a special

key this key opens doors to wonderful

blessings think of yourself holding this

key your heart filled with thanks and

ready to welcome all the good things

coming your

way as the music plays feel yourself

lifted into a place where you’re Guided

by God ready to embrace the blessings


ahead good news is on its

way and you’re about to enter a new

season filled with God’s generous

gifts God’s message today encourages you

to be prepared and

openhearted it’s like getting ready to

catch a wave of

Joy the blessings that are coming might

show up in different ways better

situations exciting opportunities were a

burst of happiness and

contentment now imagine a love story

that doesn’t care about age someone out

there regardless of the years finds

themselves deeply in love with

you the universe with its endless wisdom

tells a story of love that jumps over

age limits and time

itself God who plans our path softly

tells you today about someone special

whose heart is closely tied to yours

drawn to who you truly

are God reminds us that although age

counts the years we’ve lived love the

magical force that connects people

doesn’t look at the

clock picture someone older but full of

life who is irresistibly attracted to

the beauty of your soul as the music


Fades this is the story of love the god

the designer of beautiful things has

written for

you someone whose heart dances in

harmony with the vastness of the

universe finding sheer joy and boundless

inspiration at the mere thought of

you as the day shifts tonight your image

lights up their mind like a

constellation steadfast and

Brilliant God the allseeing recognizes

the depth and purity of their affection

and reassures us that true love is not

constrained by something as mundane as

age God is gently unveiling the

importance of this person’s emotions for


they are preparing to share the depths

of their love and God encourages you to

receive this affection with an open and


heart in our society there are often

spoken and unspoken rules about


matches especially when there is a

significant age difference between

partners however God teaches us that

true love transcends these Earthly

constraints it is boundless Limitless

and free

this special connection between you two

has been blessed from above proving that

love can Bridge gaps of any size binding

Two Souls together despite their


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