This person’s heart belongs to you, ever since…

your guardian angels have a special

message for you they’re cheering you on

to learn and

grow they’ve got a bunch of wisdom to

share that’s all about your

tomorrow guess what you did something so

cool in the past someone’s heart is now


yours funny thing is you might not even

remember what you did have you ever

wondered while sipping your morning

coffee or tying your shoes why you do

the things you do where did all your

habits come

from it’s like there’s an invisible hand

call it fate or the universe guiding you

to grow bit by bit when you think hard

about it you’ll see a lot of what you do

is because someone special showed you


way it could be your mom your best buddy

your brother or sister or someone else

who’s been a big deal in your

life your actions are a mirror of the

love and lessons they gave you now

here’s the Scoop you’ve made such a Big

Splash in someone’s life they can’t stop

caring about you you showed them they’re

worth more than gold just by being

you you’ve got this magic touch that

makes people see how awesome they

are that’s why you’re surrounded by

friends and why folks look up to you

when you cheer someone on it’s like

giving them a superhero’s Cape to fly

through tough

times your guardian angel angels are

basically throwing a party in your honor

you’ve got this special gift of making

everyone’s day

brighter keep shining because you’re


great the universe loves to sprinkle a

little extra Sparkle on some folks and

you’re one of those lucky

stars you’ve got this superpower of

making folks feel awesome about

themselves and guess what you’ve totally

Charmed someone without even

trying you did something kind and big

Big Hearted so much that this person is

all googly eyed over you and the funny

thing you might not even remember it

because being kind is just your

thing this friend of yours has had it

rough in will imp pal struggling to

stand tall and

shine but you saw that you stepped in

like a superhero in sneakers giving them

pep talks showing them how to mingle and

jingle like a

pro why did you do it because you saw a

little bit of you in

them and in your book everyone deserves

to feel like a

star now here’s where it gets cool this

person is like a lucky penny for you you

two are like peanut butter and jelly

meant to be in a sweet and sticky way

even if you don’t know it

yet they’re your secret sauce to a


life but here’s the hiccup you might not

know who they are no worries they’re

mustering up the the courage to step

into the spotlight and share their heart


you so are you ready to catch the signs

and wonders that point to your shared

jackpot of

Joy keep those eyes peeled and your

heart open this isn’t just about finding

out who it is it’s about embracing the


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