This person has deleted all the call history..

if you clicked on this video the

universe has something important to tell

you someone has wiped out all their

calls and texts and is now talking to a

lawyer about something

big it’s very important to understand

just how serious this

is sometimes life throws us into

situations full of mysteries and

surprises you might feel like you’re

standing at the edge of something huge

not sure what comes next right now the

universe is trying to help you navigate

through these choppy

Waters this person’s actions deleting

all traces and getting legal help signal

that something big is about to happen

something that could change a

lot the universe is asking you to keep

your eyes

open deleting all this information is a

sign that someone is trying to hide

something this is your cue to be be

extra careful and watchful especially

with people you think you can

trust sometimes people aren’t as open as


seem this is a moment for you to sharpen

your instincts and protect

yourself if this message hits home reply

with I am aware to show you’re listening

to the universe’s warning and taking

this advice to heart as you deal with

this tricky

situation keep in mind every every

challenge is a chance to grow and

learn the universe is pushing you to dig

deeper and find the

truth why would someone erase all their

tracks and get a lawyer

involved it looks like there’s more

going on under the surface that needs


attention trust your gut it’s a strong

tool that can help you navigate through

this tricky

situation the universe trusts you to

figure out what’s happening around you

there might be things happening that you

haven’t thought about

yet keep an open mind and be ready to

learn more as things come to

light this situation might also be a

nudge for you to clean up aspects of

your own life are there old issues you

need to sort out or make right deleting

things and hiding information might be a

sign that it’s time to face your own

secrets and get rid of any bad vibes

to show you’re ready to find the truth

and clear things up type I seek Clarity

in the

comments this person’s actions might

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