my dear

child I want to share something very

important with you today it’s about the

people around you not everyone close to

you is a good person and it’s important

for you to understand this you

see some people might appear friendly

and kind on the outside but inside they

might feel jealous of your progress and

success they might not like seeing you

do well and could even try to bring you


this jealousy can sometimes make people

act in ways that are not good for you

it’s crucial to be aware of this and to


yourself pay close attention to how

people behave around you notice if

someone seems upset or unhappy when you

achieve something

great true friends will always celebrate

your successes with you and be happy for


achievements they will support you no

matter what on the other

hand some people might pretend to be


friend but secretly wish for your

failure these are not the kind of people

you want close to you it’s important to

choose your friends wisely look for

those who genuinely care about

you who are happy for your successes and

who stand by you during tough times

don’t be afraid to distance yourself

from those who bring negative energy

into your life you deserve to be

surrounded by people who lift you up and

make you feel good about yourself

sometimes it might be hard to let go of


relationships especially if you’ve known

the person for a long

time but your well-being is the most

important thing take some time to

reflect on your

relationships ask yourself if the people

around you truly have your best

interests at heart if you feel unsure

about someone it’s okay to step back and

observe their actions more closely your

intuition and feelings are important

guides remember my dear child I am

always here to help and guide you you

are never alone in this journey trust in

my love and wisdom I want to see you

happy and successful surrounded by

people who truly care for you so be

alert and careful choose your friends

and close relationships wisely protect

your heart and mind from those who might

not have good

intentions you are precious and your



now let’s talk about something very

important listening to God and seeking

his guidance in your life it’s crucial

to ask God for help in deciding who

should be close to to you God knows

everything and sees the hearts of people

he can guide you to make the best

choices When you pray and ask God for

wisdom he will help you understand who

you should trust and who you should be

cautious around it’s important to have a

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  1. GOD please please please take me with you as you told me the first time to your father GOD’S MANSION if none available you will make something and take me. So iam still waiting for you to take me to your house to make a home


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