they want the best of..

if I say some of you will move within


hours someone he is preparing for a trip

and he is

busy baby M for work and

travel it seems that you have some

things to

do you don’t have time to talk to anyone

but it turns out that every everything

is going in your

favor or someone is preparing to contact


again hurry up

about initially I went further to but I

want to see if I want to go to again for

b or maybe this is an old friend coming

along Gemini Libra or another

Aquarius the at atmosphere of this week


good as I said before you may have

heated arguments with your ex Dash

lover you all need to shut someone up

and put her in s Place

Capricorn new love is preparing to come


you water placement or this is the

beginning of something fruitful for you

some of you may see God’s hand this

week and you will be very happy with the

blessings that you will receive in

his lately you’ve been prioritizing

peace happiness and self-care and that’s


feels that’s why you can get what you

want cancer scorpio Pisces this is an

outpouring of Love will be something

you can actually build slash invest in

you may feel fearful of a situation or

wonder about it not what’s

hidden someone is definitely hiding

something from you here and you nailed

it don’t think about yourself or that

this may have anything to do with

Sagittarius money or

work perhaps perhaps you are thinking

about things like how to secure a more

stable income or more reliable

transportation don’t let paranoia and

uncertainty get you

down get of

these if it gets out of hand leave it

alone the answer will be announced

soon what do you think about them they

may be suppressing their passion or

aggression towards

you you are so funny and selfish with

them they think you don’t take them

seriously some people feel like they

can’t trust you or that you don’t trust

them they want the Best of Both Worlds

or so they

think you may feel like someone is there

for you or that there is always conflict

or sadness when interacting with

you power struggles and tensions arise

every time you

interact f

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