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my dear

child it is in the quiet Whispers of the

morning and the soft glow of the evening

that I reach out to you seeking to touch

your heart with an Embrace warmer than

the sun’s

rays in the Stillness I am there in the

laughter and the tears the triumphs and


trials I am ever present I who sculpted

the universe and painted the sky with

stars did not hesitate to step into the

Toil and soil of Your World World

bearing the weight of love that could

not cannot be

contained understand my beloved that

your life is not a series of random

events but a tapestry woven with the

threads of my grace each thread is a

gift each color a blessing each pattern

a lesson of love and

strength yet I see how the darkness of

ingratitude can Cloud your vision how

the chains of discontent can bind your

spirit and how the dungeon of

dissatisfaction can claim your

joy hear me then as I speak of Freedom

the kind that comes from a heart so full

of thankfulness that it

overflows yes it is in giving thanks

that you are released from the grips of

discontent when you feel the shadows of

Despair creeping upon you when the

Whispers of not enough echo in your mind

pause and look around you count the

stars number the blessings and remember

that each one was crafted with you in

mind begin a journal of gratitude if you

will let each page be a testament to the

goodness you’ve encountered the smile of

a stranger the kindness of a friend the

beauty of a sunset or the simple Miracle

of waking up to a new day these notes

will be your weapon against the lie that

you are lacking your Shield against the

onslaught of

greed and my child immerse yourself in


word just as the rain soaks the Earth

and brings forth life let the scriptures

drench your soul sprouting seeds of

wisdom and

peace my word is alive active cutting

through the fog of confusion and

lighting up your path when I spoke the

universe into existence my word was the

power that turned chaos into order

and it is the same word that can

transform your heart and

mind remember I did not merely send

commands from on high I came down to

walk beside you to show you the way to

live as an

example I The Creator became as the

created to reveal a love that defies

depths Heights and the expanse of

time in my actions in my words and

ultimately in My Sacrifice you see the

lengths to which I would go for

you as you navigate the currents of this

life do not be disheartened by the es


flows you may sometimes feel a drift but

you are never lost to my sight with

every high tide of joy and every low

tide of challenge I’m molding you making

you stronger more resilient and drawing

you closer to

me when you are weary when the world’s

clamor muffles the song of your soul

whisper my name in that moment of

surrender you will find strength in your

weakest hour you will find my power made

perfect for it is not by your might nor

by your will but by my spirit that

you’re carried through each

day so let me remind you of the Stars

the countless lights that pierce the

night sky they are my promises to you

ever fixed and

unwavering and just as the the dawn

chases away the night my love is a

constant sunrise over your life

dispelling darkness and bringing forth

hope with every Hue that paints The

Horizon come then step out of the

Shadows lift your face to the light of

my presence and let gratitude be the

song that dances on your

lips walk in the freedom of a thankful

heart and know that in every step I am

with you my hand guiding my love

provider in my voice Whispering

peace and now dear one as you absorb

these words let them be the bomm to your

weary soul and the melody that you carry

into the world spread the fragrance of

gratitude share the light of my word and

live in the boundless Joy of a heart in

communion with

me my beloved Child come closer and hear

my voice as soft as The Whisper Of The

Wind yet as steadfast as the ground

Beneath Your Feet let me wrap you in

words of Eternal Assurance for I have

much to share with you understand this

that your life is not a series of chance

happenings but a tapestry woven with

Divine Purpose every thread represents a

moment a decision a heartbeat of your

existence I know each one for I am the

Weaver your Joys your Sorrows your

triumphs and your trials are known to me

Rejoice not just because your name is

etched in the celestial book of life but

also because I have sculpted your days

with loving

intention you see in My Kingdom time

bows to Eternity and so your life a

fleeting wisp of vapor here is securely

anchored in the forever that I

hold you are Justified yes through faith

in me as your Risen Savior

but you are also

glorified the glory is not just a future

promise it is a present reality subtly

infusing your being with a Radiance that

the shadows of this world cannot

diminish Joy oh sweet joy it is the

melody that plays in the background of

your soul a constant tune that can swell

to a symphony even amid life’s fiercest

storms This Joy is not of your own

making it is my gift to you a token of

my unending love it is the peace that

passes all understanding the

unquenchable light in the

darkness do you feel it it’s there

within you because you are mine come

then at the dawn of each new day stand

before me with hands unfurled and heart

unguarded whisper to me Jesus I am here

for your joy and I will pour into you

just that joy unspeakable from the

inexhaustible Wellsprings of my grace

let my presence infold you let it seep

into your very bones fortifying you

against the onslaught of daily toils and

worries remember as you step out into

the world that I am never a distant

deity I am as close as your next breath

as intimate as your most private

thoughts you need not shout to gain my

attention a murmur even a sigh draws my

gaze and my

response come back to me as often as you

need for a touch a word a

smile there is no rationing in my

economy of abundance my stores of Joy

are boundless ever brimming for your

need never forget the profound mystery

that you are seated with me in the


Realms though you walk the earth your

spirit touches the outskirts of Heaven

you are a citizen of an eternal Kingdom

a realm where love Reigns Supreme where

Justice flows like a mighty River and

where the currency is

Grace what does it mean to be seated

with me it is a position of Honor a

testament to your identity as my beloved

it is a promise that your life is more

than what you see more than the

struggles you

endure it is a foretaste of of the glory

that is to come where every tear will be

wiped away every Brokenness mended and

every sorrow turned to

dancing therefore walk boldly live

courageously love

fiercely show compassion as freely as

you draw breath forgive as lavishly as

the waves wash upon the shore share the

hope that is an anchor for your soul be

a beacon of the light that has

illuminated your path you are my my

Ambassador in a world that so

desperately needs to see my

face do you see how precious you are to

me how can I help but love you when I

have fashioned you with my own hands

breathed into you my own breath you are

a reflection of my image a vessel of my

spirit a child of my heart so come

whether in moments of exuberant praise

or in times of quiet despair I I am here

always here my love for you is

unchanging unending and

unconditional drink deeply from The Well

of my presence and let your soul find

rest remember these words cling to them

let them be the compass by which you

navigate the complexities of life you

are Justified you are glorified you are

mine and in that truth find your joy a

joy that no circumstance can steal a joy

that is eternally

yours come close to me and Let My Words

wrap around you like a gentle breeze on

a warm summer’s day I am your father

your creator the Alpha and Omega

speaking directly into the depths of


soul as you walk with me feel the touch

of my light a beacon that guides your

steps and illuminates the path ahead my

light does more than merely show the way

it infuses you with a warmth that can

melt away the chill of your

transgressions and

fears understand this my child while

your journey is adorned with the beauty

of my creation it is also scattered with

pitfalls and

traps you will encounter moments of

weakness and Shadow when you do remember

that my blood has the power to cleanse

to renew and to make whole again each

time you recognize yourself sin confess

it to me open your heart and let the

honesty of your words be the key that

unlocks my forgiveness and Grace but

know this not a single moment do you

walk in condemnation for your place by

my side was secured the moment you

believed in

me your standing with me my dear one is

not a precarious ledge upon which you

Teeter depending on your speed or skill


confession no it is a wide open space a

place of Freedom grounded upon the rock

of my righteousness given to you as an

eternal gift this righteousness is not

earned by the multitude of your

confessions nor by the eloquence of your

prayers but is given freely birthed from

the unyielding Grace of my

love as you are mine dressed in the

Splendor of a robe woven from

my righteousness step boldly into the

light of my

presence when you do you’ll find that

the good in your life shine is with a

Brilliance that can only come from me

and the burdens you carry become lighter

easier to bear because you are not

shouldering them

alone in this Divine Fellowship every

Joy is Multiplied and every sorrow is

divided for you share them all with me

in the glow of my love light let your

heart learn to love others more

deeply when you look at your fellow

Believers through my eyes you see not

just their faces but their hearts their

hopes and their

struggles you can embrace them with a

love that mirrors the love I have for

you a love that is patient kind and

seeks no wrong as you dwell in my

presence you’ll find that your steps

become Sher for sin cannot hide where my

light shines

brightest each misstep is made clear not

to shame you but to gently guide you

back to the path I have set for

you rejoice in my name my precious child

from the breaking of the dawn to the

setting of The Sun Relish in the

constant companionship of my spirit and

exalt in the Assurance of my

righteousness that cloaks

you there is no need to fear the

darkness or the Silence of the night for

you are never alone my love is the

eternal flame that burns away the night

and my song Over You is the lullabi that

soothes your

fears do not be burdened by the thought

that you must maintain a perfect record

of your wrongs confessing each one with

the urgency of a debtor settling

accounts rather live in the freedom of

my grace knowing that each confessed sin

is cast as far as the East is from the

West remembered no more against

you this is the heart of my message the

gospel of peace you are saved by grace

through faith and this is not from

yourselves it is my gift to you not a

result of works so that no one can

boast your life joined with me is a

tapestry of Grace every thread colored

with the Hue of my love

as you step out into the world know that

your life is a light to others a

reflection of my glory and goodness when

others see you let them not just see the

Deeds you do but the love with which you

do them the love that flows from my

heart to

yours walk in peace Walk In Joy walk in

love and above all walk in the light for

in my light you see light and and in my

presence you find the fullness of

joy so come into the bright warmth of my

love today and let us walk together my

beloved child for in every step there is

Grace in every breath there is life and

in every moment spent with me there is

an eternal Embrace that Whispers you are

mine and I am yours

forever my dear child I see you there in

the quiet corners of your weariness in

the shadow of your

uncertainties you sit shrouded in the

dimness of Trials yet here I am the

light from on

high piercing through that Inky tapestry

woven by your

doubts my light is unfailing a beacon

meant to draw you out from The Cloister

of Shadows into the warmth of My

Embrace when your heart is heavy laden

with the weight of worries know that I

am here to to lift that

burden my light is not just to

illuminate your path but to lighten your

load come take a moment and let us talk

just you and I without the clamor of the

world to distract us I am your Refuge

your Safe Harbor in the

Tempest the world outside is a

tempestuous Sea and the waves May rage

and Roar but they cannot reach you here

with me the solutions you seek the

answers you toil after leave them in my

hands have you not tried to piece

together the fragments on your own and

yet here you are still searching still

yearning for a piece that seems just

beyond your

grasp but what if I told you that peace

is not a distant Shore but a sanctuary

within you waiting to be

discovered what if I said that in the

Stillness of my presence the answers you

seek will un unfold like the dawn

dispels the night you need only to rest

here to let go of the rains you grip so

tightly and remember who I am cease

striving child for in the hush of

surrender you’ll find that I have been

God all along and I have not

wavered as the Prince of Peace it is not

merely peace I give but peace I

am I do not parcel it out in measures or

with with hold it in times of need it

flows freely as boundless as the heavens

as abundant as the air you

breathe so breathe me in dear one with


breath let my peace fill your lungs your

heart your very

being and as you exhale release the

tension that has kept you bound the

fears that have held you

captive share with me your tribulations

for my shoulders are Broad and strong

fashioned to Bear the weight of the

world including every fragment of your

distress trust that I can handle them

for is there anything too hard for me no

night too dark no storm too Fierce no

mountain too steep stay near to me and I

will guide your steps gently lovingly

into the way of peace I am not a distant

deity observing from the lofty Heights

Untouched by your trials

I am here in the midst of your turmoil

closer than the very air you breathe you

do not have to shout or reach out with

frantic hands I am as near as your

whispered prayer as close as your


Heart remember the tales of old the

stories you’ve heard from ancient texts

the moments when I stilled the Seas when

I guided the Lost through the desert

when I turned mourning into dancing

I am that same God unchanging Through

the Ages the Miracles of yesterday are

the promises of today evidence of my

unfailing love and

power so come now let go of that mantle

of Despair you have draped about your

shoulders exchange it for a Garment of

Praise for beauty instead of Ashes as

you sit with me Let My Words wash over

you like a cleansing

stream let them refresh you renew you


you remember that in me you are more

than a conqueror in me you have fullness

of joy in me there is hope

Everlasting as the sun rises each

morning Relentless in its pursuit to

banish the night so is my determination

to bring light to your

Darkness it’s not a fleeting or wavering

light but one that is Resolute and

constant it’s not a light that that

simply shows the way it is a light that

transforms that

invigorates that gives

life and do not forget my child that as

you bask in my presence you reflect my

light you become a beacon in the

darkness around you a vessel of my peace

and love so when you feel as though you

are enveloped in night remember that you

too can shine with the radiance of my

love bringing hope to those who sit in

darkness around

you now let these words be not just a

fleeting Comfort but a lasting Covenant


us I am with you I am for you and I will

never leave you abide in me and you will

walk in the Everlasting way of peace my

dear child for you are mine and in that

truth there is no room for Darkness only

the endless unwavering allc consuming

light of my




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