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my beloved child you have my unwavering support and with your faith and the

Heart of a champion you will Triumph in all your Pursuits it’s important though to deepen

your connection with me I don’t spend time dwelling on your mistakes nor will my love for you wne

due to your missteps I rejoice in seeing you stand firm in my promises navigating through

turbulent rivers and challenging marshes across mountains and valleys even if you falter or stain your

garments you’re aware of the trust you place in me your ultimate goal and the

blessing that awaits beyond the formidable Mountain you’re about to conquer you carry the Assurance of my

love understanding your trials and I withhold judgment I am ready to cleanse you from

the mud that has soiled you for my wish is for you to proceed fearlessly and

steadily my blood’s power encompasses you and your attire I will transform you

I will wash your feet with the pristine Waters of a Heavenly River and provide you with Divine honey to rejuvenate your

tired Spirit you are my Champion my warrior I will be vigilant prepared to

lift you in Victory Aid you in your struggles and protect you from harsh assaults during times of rest

therefore you will continue your journey On Life’s path armed with the shield of truth and the sword of my word advancing

without fear imbued with the faith that flows within you you will overcome illnesses and

debts shatter chains and bonds and permanently destroy the prisons of your

past you will bring down the walls that once restricted you I urge you to be

brimming with faith my cherished child this strength you sense is Not Mere

fantasy it is tangible affirm it daily as you rise

casting aside all fear and confusion facing life with Clarity and resolve

secure in the knowledge that you are already Victorious the enemy Retreats from those

who possess the resilience to endure even amid moments of weakness and

fatigue they know they are cherished by a heavenly father and in this belief

they find the key to overcoming grief and despair from this perspective you’ll see

the wonderful blessings I intend to give you thus I urge you once more to deepen

your relationship with me my love is yours Unbreakable by

anyone or anything seek my counsel in significant

decisions let me soothe your emotions and clarify your thoughts I will lead

your heart down the right path do not rush into actions without first

presenting your plans and intentions to me I am equipping you with the fortitude

to resist manipulation and coercion into choices that could result in a life of

sorrow and bondage be cautious in giving your love to those you barely

know heed the warnings you sense reflect on your past errors and how they made

you feel you lost valuable days and moments of peace and unity with your family burdened by obligations I had not

asked of you avoid repeating these mistakes now that you’ve experienced my

love and know I am with you refuse to be enslaved again I can free you from any situation

but it’s better not to fall into one by your own doing therefore consider your decisions

thoughtfully mindful of the impact they have on others IGN ignoring my guidance is akin

to Playing with Fire challenging my authority and questioning the validity of my

promises you are not that person anymore you respect and obey

me so I ask you to continue walking with caution and wisdom avoid associations or deals with

the foolish who care not for your life or family they’ll deprive you of your

assets and trap you in debts or unfulfilled promises stay away from such

people choose a different path if unsure about your Direction come to me spend

time in my presence a new year is nearing and I desire it to be filled with encouragement joy and Liberation a

time of great family happiness I don’t want you to endure sadness or the

torment of those who would enslave you if you understand my message do not

worry positive changes are coming a a period when you’ll regain what was lost

you’ll witness my power nothing is too hard for me a tremendous Miracle is near

your prayers have been heard what I plan to give you surpasses anything you could

request your fate rests in my hands alone don’t be swayed by others

negativity or doubts I am with you and my love for you is

absolute while Others May dwell in falsehoods you had the courage to trust in me

therefore I assure you that you will Thrive even in desolate lands where others lament scarcity and

need in these places where many lose hope you will

prosper yet my cherished Child In This Very place you will discover strength

and your dreams will flourish a new you are on the path to

achievement what was once meant to hinder you I have reshaped to elevate you today’s formidable challenges will

become tomorrow’s powerful testimonies of Faith perseverance commitment

patience resilience and love trust in me even when the way

forward seems obscured it doesn’t matter how deep you’ve Fallen my powerful hand is there

to raise you although I may seem silent at times I’m always present

my strong arm will support you until you are victorious my timing is perfect for you

grasp the opportunity for Action while the world may be troubled by scarcity and rumors of conflict you

reside under my protection your family is continually blessed by me if I instruct you to move

do so if I tell you to stand stand if I pronounce victory over you claim it

embrace my words and let go of past mistakes and sins leave the past

behind behold your life has been completely transformed and reshaped you are not the same

person your future is secure in my hands in my presence I will watch over and

guard you therefore I encourage you again to pray daily approaching me with

joy and Faith regardless of your feelings even on days filled with

turbulent emotions and doubts come to me I love you and accept you just as you

are my wish is for you to take a step of Faith towards me do not be afraid I will

help steady your emotions fill your heart with bravery and remind you of my

promises to increase your faith you need me and I am aware of it I value your

talks with me your trust in me and your openness in sharing caring your emotions I heard you this morning and I

heard you yesterday your words may be few but your sincerity and intention are

what matter most nothing more is required remember even faith is small as

a mustard seed is enough for your prayers to reach the heavens it is there your destiny is shaped and from there I

send you comfort and show my love I know your needs and I will

provide according to my my plan all my answers are meant for your ultimate good

for now stay calm amidst fear recall my words when troubles come

knocking answer them in my name saying God is my provider he is my eternal

Savior and I am confident he will assist me today just as he always has heed my

guidance adhere to my Commandments and stay true to the path I have laid out for you

avoid distractions on either side concentrate on the objective I have established for you today distractions

might try to divert your attention and fill your mind with fruitless fantasies yet my word is unequivocally clear and

it is essential for you to read and reflect upon it in doing so nothing and

no one will be able to mislead you as you advance and doubt will not dominate your spirit submerge your s in the flow

of my spirit in love when you kneel in prayer I will

bring healing into your life and provide the strength and wisdom needed to

progress you and your family are destined for success in this life and you will be richly blessed living

forever in my presence be assured that I am always attentive to your needs and

deeply care about your emotions I leave you with my peace I

bestow Stow upon you my peace accept it with faith for the Tranquility I offer

surpasses anything the world can provide I heard your admission of needing me and in my presence I welcomed

your devotion my response is forthcoming expect it welcome it and rejoice in the

miracle I will enact in you today for me nothing is unachievable as

you well know and believe promise to wait and keep your faith until the moment your sought after

miracle materializes I am fully aware of your

circumstances from the moment you sought me I was determined to answer your blessing faces significant

opposition a battle is ongoing in the Heavenly Realms thus you must persist in

faith and prayer do not let discouragement find a place in your heart distance yourself from those who

undermine your faith surround yourself with individuals who inspire you to believe to be brave

and who lead you towards me eager to see you blessed you understand that I aim to

guide you victoriously through this challenging situation which has captivated your attention and poses a

profound challenge for your life and your family’s future in this period I will teach you

numerous important lessons I desire for you to rely more on me and to fully

grasp that I am your provider Your Role is to stand up with

the strength I bestow rather than remaining idle in a corner overcome with

fear what I ask of you is to keep moving forward while I work on the Miracle you

have requested remember I am your shield and stronghold when moments of doubt

assail you kneel bow your head come to to me and entrust your concerns to my

care I understand that you are very courageous but this is not the time for

you to face all your enemies alone you need my assistance if you try to advance

on your own and rely solely on your own strength you will tire out a weary

person is a perfect Target for the enemy who prows like a roaring lion seeking to

devour anyone who lets their guard down if you become exhausted you will be

tempted not to pray and you will take your eyes off the path if you do not pay attention to

where you are going you may stumble if you fall your enemies will surround you

and when they see you lying on the ground they will strike with a decisive blow attempting to steal your

breath they do not want you to live they know you are a blessed person and they

are trying to remove you from the path do not despair no one

can I will answer you with a miracle at the appointed time please be patient my dear one take

my hand and you will accomplish great and marvelous things do not fear have

faith for all things are possible to those who believe and trust me with that hidden issue in your heart you are aware

it’s causing you harm and if kept concealed it could lead to your ruin

acknowledge it you know what I am referring to if you are reading or hearing this it’s because

I love you hand it over to me I will cast it far away do not seek it again

make a firm decision today to rise above all those situations and people who drag you into endless

confusion you know they don’t truly care for you or your family despite their claims of affection they secretly wish

for your downfall they are destroyers of Dreams thieves of aspirations and devourers of

Love they will not stop until they see you ruined they blind you with lies

preventing you from seeing the truth shaming you into hiding from my grace

and goodness they aim to plant painful secrets in your soul now is the time to step away sever

ties with Darkness I sacrificed my life for you on the cross and I am ready to forgive your

sins hidden sin can bring death if you conceal your sins you won’t Prosper

leading to a life of misery and lack of peace this isn’t the life I desire for

you I came so you might have a life abundant in Joy free from resentment

bitterness and harmful emotions your mind will be free from rubbish and you won’t be plagued by

baseless fears or constant anxiety remove your shoes for you stand

on Holy Ground you cannot enter the promised land harboring Secrets come and confide in me I await

your courage to speak I will replace your shame with my Holiness today you are closer to me than

ever before you may have hidden from me but I am here you cannot Escape my presence

anywhere in the universe wherever you are I will be there reminding you of my

promise if you repent and turn from Evil you are forgiven accept this forgiveness embrace

the Garment of Salvation this is your day of Deliverance declare your belief and

acceptance the difficult times are ending days of Sorrow are nearly over

when your blessings arrive remember they come from my love I have watched over

you amid Strife I was your provider in the desert on this day as you read these

words renew your faith fill your mind a new with powerful

words let your faith be alive and fervent so when abundance comes you

won’t forget me your God and Lord continue praying for there is much

unseen in the spiritual realm a battle is ongoing I will bless you but you must

face opposition your Victory lies in your faith persistence and dedication to

prayer seek me constantly morning and evening commit to

intercession times are changing and my gaze is upon the earth I am looking for

Valiant Warriors like you I will perform perform miracles in and through you

using you to provide sustenance clothing Comfort healing and blessings to many as

you bless others you will receive immense blessings in this time of Miracles stand firm release the burdens

holding you down and seek my presence Revitalize your faith know that

I cherish you do not turn away when I speak kindly to you or ignore me when I

call gently when I correct you firmly cling tighter to my love you know I love

you make a promise to me promise not to be angered if your prayers aren’t

immediately answered be aware that many are watching for your faults ready to

ridicule your faith when prayers seem unanswered my dear child you are not on

the same level as those who Mock and scoff your focus is on higher Heavenly matters let the mockers wander aimlessly

without goals or dreams merely drifting With the Wind they are consumed by pride

and envy leading to despair but you as my child have direct

access to my presence through prayer I will indeed respond those who ridicule you will face

shame when they see their errors I have a special blessing for you and if it hasn’t arrived yet it’s

because I am preparing your heart without proper ground

a person can falter unable to handle and appreciate Their Blessings abundance can lead to

arrogance making one vulnerable to the enemy’s traps so be prepared strong

courageous and deeply rooted in my word with my love wisdom and Prudence as your

foundation do not hide from your mockers or think of yourself as worthless it’s a

daily mental battle but I will strengthen you we walk walk together day

and night discussing your plans in the morning and your fears and dreams at night believe in me and do not lose hope

accept my love and recognize your worth for self-deprecation wounds me you will

overcome believe in my love for you even if you stumble I will never abandon you

this message is for my Warriors listen if you feel you are

one do not dismiss my words or use your age health or finances as

excuses to all my Warriors ready to trust in my word I will clear their paths and open doors

supernaturally You Are My Chosen son or daughter I am preparing you to succeed

in doubt cling to the Hope in my promises believe wholeheartedly for I

will fulfill my purpose in your life and many good things will happen this is a critical time to be

filled with strength firm faith and courage do not fear

confronting Financial Health or family issues I can part your sea of conflicts

and prepare the way for Solutions if you obey my word when I command you to persevere and

not lose your determined stride you will cross abysses and tread upon waves

without being overwhelmed by storms my beloved Warrior your happiness

and blessing are in my hands grow stronger with each step face the enemy

with solid faith and be confident that even in tough conflicts and needs I will

rescue you at the perfect time your enemies will flee when they see your Fearless stand today I give you

a holy sword the power of my word in your wise speech your obedience and

Faith lead and my power backs you in facing fears my warrior you are precious to me

now take your family’s hand enter with Faith and Hope through the door of your blessing entrust me with your problems

have faith and let me handle impossible situations trust completely and don’t

try to solve things your way in moments of pressure your emotions can mislead

you rash decisions can lead to mistakes the best thing you can do today

is to rest in my presence with my hands upon your head I will

grant you peace and fill you with hope and Tranquility your face will show patience

stability confidence and bravery your enemies will not see you as fearful or

defeated my Holy Spirit in your life is your answer and Escape you’ll achieve

more if you open your heart to me shun evil give me priority and let me

transform you I will strengthen strengthen you to face challenges boldly shyness will disappear and within

you will rise the heart of a champion Victor triumphant and strong filled with

unwavering Faith you will triumph over your problems start

now today though your victory was won many centuries ago you only need to

embrace it with unwavering Faith hold my word in your hands and my

promises is in your mind fix your gaze upon the prize that awaits you and

employ all your talents with enthusiasm you do not engage in this battle to impress others you fight to

continue reaping spiritual triumphs your battle is not fought in the realm of fantasies like those who

strike at the wind it is real authentic so take this message seriously

While others remain stuck in the same place sinking into the pits they’ve dug for themselves you march Straight Into

the Heart of the storm there you stand tall brandishing your sword in one hand

and your banner in the other you come for victory and that storm shall not

deter you you firmly plant your banner in the conquered land and press onward I

understand why I guide you to face your challenges fearlessly it’s because you are backed by my support and I will

protect you from harm and Devastation your victories are not

solely by your strength you have triumphed repeatedly aware that I have been your shield and

stronghold you called out to me and I responded in your moments of

vulnerability when you were sinking in despair I reached out and rescued you

you are alive and well and your current struggles will pass those who ridiculed

you will be ashamed for no one can hinder my blessings upon you I Safeguard

you with my holy mantle and my shield is over you my warrior Angels encircle you

poised to defend against any harm your future rests entirely in my hands and no

one else’s I am your Almighty and Sovereign God loving you with an everlasting

patient and tender love I am committed to fulfilling my purpose in your life

assure me that you will trust in me and not be disheartened by rumors or what others say those words will dissipate like the

wind and their sorrow will be forgotten you won’t succumb to despair

because you will feel my love open your heart to me and shut your

ears to the words of those who wish to dictate your fate I express my love for you in

countless ways filling you with courage and security so you are not swayed by others

opinions before heeding those harmful voices remember that I know your true self your Compassionate Heart and the

unique plan I have for you I have blessed you with a loving family and

supporters devote your time to seeking me serving me attending to your loved

ones and aiding those in need I can use you to be a blessing to your community as a beacon of fairness

and integrity you will encourage others to follow my ways thus I am empowering you giving you

the fortitude to be a conduit for blessings through you I will perform

wondrous Miracles promise me that you will fear nothing and no one if I assure

you all will be well trust in me worrying about matters already entrusted to me will only deplete your

strength you have placed your hand in mine let me gently guide you to tranquil

places I don’t want you to lack anything I aim to fill your soul with Divine love

and gentleness do not fear potential adversities you will remain steadfast

and I will hold you firm I’m aware of your moments of weakness which is why I am speaking to

your heart now beloved instead of wandering aimlessly

in confusion and despair take a moment to sit with me don’t worry about the

future or be troubled by the state of the world focus on what truly matters

your family your spiritual growth enriching your life with my teachings and prayer show kindness and forgive

those who wrong you even when they mistreat you despite your love if they strike you again turn the

other cheek demonstrating your profound love just as I sacrificed my life for my

children you too are ready to go to Great Lengths for your family’s knowledge of me and their Liberation

amidst the world’s turmoil and talks of War do not stop praying list the names

of your loved ones in your prayer Journal I’m aware of their lives and thoughts but I want you to actively

exercise your faith by praying for what’s truly important as others around you fear the

signs they see neither you nor your family should be afraid I will never abandon

you be ready for what’s to come while others succumb to fear you will witness

remarkable Miracles the trumpets are sounding signaling the time of your Liberation is

near but for now pray have faith live

and do not fear the future trust in my word with me nothing is

impossible I cherish your Declarations of love my love heals you my affection

soothes you my hand supports guides and lifts you my presence envelops you and

my Holy Spirit fills you immersing you in a river of pure clear

waters you haven’t felt this happy protected and loved in a long time your

period of struggle and loneliness feeling abandoned and forgotten is over you will soon forget these past

hardships from this day forward my promises will continually be on your lips if you ever feel alone you’ll

declare my constant presence when weary and burdened you’ll seek my

comfort remember as your Shepherd I will ensure your needs are met I hold the

perfect provision for all your needs I am your path to Salvation and my divine

presence removes all fear from your life I am establishing your roots by a river

of life and your fruits will bless your family and many others if you seek something true and

eternal genuine love I am here when overwhelmed with unexplained sorrow find

solace in my love you have no alternative Others May offer love but

it’s often conditional demanding more feigning patience and

friendship they promise Joy but leave when you have nothing left to offer

no one in this world can give you what I offer love peace healing unwavering

faithfulness come now and receive this blessing freely it’s not for sale I

don’t want your money I desire your heart Faith surrender and eagerness to

leave the past behind to start a new with me stretch your faith toward a hopeful future wait with patience and

affirm with your own words I commit to believing in your word wholeheartedly and I respond to you

beloved I accept your faith prepare now for an outpouring of blessings I will

shower upon you [Music]

amen [Music]


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