your lordship assures you my beloved child that you will have whatever your heart desires I will transform your life

your family your daily necessities and every step when you pray to me with a believing heart if you’re unwell and

suffering emotionally I promise to alleviate your physical symptoms and ease your mental anguish I will dispel

your fear forgive your debts and shower you with blessings your faith in me is

sturdy like a tree do not be scared of the challenges life throws at you you will stand tall and

green a source of shade and Solace for many you will be an inspiration to everyone you encounter as your love and

faith flourish my warmth and Tranquility will always accompany you dreams do come true when you’re with

me dangers in life will not be able to harm you or your loved ones your heart

will be filled with pleasure and Tranquility as my angel surround you reflecting the Everlasting Delight I

provide to all who follow me before we embark on this path of Enlightenment let

us share Joy like this video and write an amen to fill our area with Divine energy and Faith your participation is

the lifeblood of our cause and when we unite we can change the world for the

better remember my dear child that I am by your side with my triumphant hand

whenever you are afraid or in difficulty whenever you do anything pure it’s like

receiving a gift I can tell when you’re trying your hardest because of it I am someone you can put your whole faith in

not just your own comprehension you will witness how I guide you towards righteousness and Truth when you

acknowledge my involvement in all aspects of your life every living thing originates from me fear not because I

say to those who believe in me that even if they fall they will rise again and escape death maintain your modesty value

your kindness and show patience no matter how many times someone tries to irritate you do not react harshly

instead rely on the strength and knowledge I have bestowed upon you however if you ever feel fear creeping

into your heart seek me with all your heart I will shield you from harm and lead you in the right direction

reminding you at all times that I am with you I talk to you in a soothing voice as I humbly guide you along keep

your courage strong I will be by your your side anytime you need me you have no idea how much I adore you never

forget that I love you and you are never alone some people may attempt to humiliate You by bringing up your

misdeeds from the past but you must know that I have forgiven you entirely I

erase and disregard all your previous transgressions in the depths of my love for you be confident and courageous I

will be there with you directing your every move if you put your trust in me I

will guide you to a life of Plenty instead of listening to the negative depressing voices follow the positive

encouraging ones that are filled with Faith and Hope you can always count on my unwavering support no matter how far

away others seem you are an Exquisite kind and truthful being who deserves love and grace I will never leave you no

matter what the world thinks no one can control you because of what they say avoid thinking about how Negative they

are and instead concentrate on wanting to see my face and hear my voice please

seek refuge in the safe haven of My Embrace in the Embrace of my infinite

love always keep in mind that the Seas heavens and Majestic mountains were all


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