I am writing you this letter because I am feeling a great deal of affection for you at this particular moment it is my

desire for you to experience the great unending sweet and amazing love that I

have for you I am keeping you close let yourself be loved my darling just let it

happen give yourself permission to be completely enveloped in my kindness and forgiveness I would want to offer offer

you the opportunity to follow the road of justice and good will it is a fact

that I have loved you extraordinarily for the whole of your existence throughout your life you will

be confronted with trials and hardships and there will be moments when you will feel lost and

alone it is important for you to understand however that it is exactly at

these moments that you are able to place your trust in me and believe in the promises that I have made

even when the storms are raging I will never leave your side without holding your hand and guiding you with every

step you take I will always be at your side I have words of Love and Hope for you and

I want you to hear my voice because I want you to hear them you have been going through challenging times

traveling through dark roads and experiencing the weight of Anguish in your spirit but I want you to know that you

are not alone and that there is still hope for you I want you to know that I am here for

you it is important for you to understand that I love you and that I will never stop trying to be with you I

have words of Love and Hope for you and I want you to hear my voice because I want you to hear them it is not too late

to allow me into your life and to give me the chance to be your guide your

sanctuary and your strength not only is it never too late to start again but it

is also not too late to let me to be a part of your life I am calling out to you with love

while I knock on the door of your heart give up the burden of the suffering that is dragging on your thoughts and allow

the words that I have said to heal your heart it is now that you will experience entire pleasure and Tranquility inside

you where there was formerly sorrow my deepest desire is to safeguard

you see to it that you are well taken care of and provide you with assistance

in understanding the messages that I provide to you on a regular basis I will do everything it takes to change the way

you think and to convince you that you are capable of changing from the way you now

believe I will keep a watchful eye on you through each and every minute and my

love for you will only continue to grow in point of fact my Holy Love is

capable of bringing about a transformation in you nevertheless in order to do this you must have complete

faith faith if you choose to disregard what I have to say to you today it will not be

sufficient for me to talk to you with love if you make the decision to give yourself a chance and yell with all of

your might God has the ability to transform my life to eliminate my

emotions of loneliness and misery and to bring me joy stand up and shout once more

today I am able to change I am able to hold on to the love of my heavenly

father shout it once more and feel how my Holy Spirit flows through every

corner of your mind and body I am uprooting bad habits I am

removing unhealthy thoughts I am using my power to lift the depression that hurts you I am cleansing you I am

cleansing what you have been born with throughout the day you will be able to sense and see that I love you no matter


  1. GOD jesus
    I been wishing ,willing to come with you since I came to your FEET last year,I am still waiting to take me with your to your father GOD’S MANSION if none available you will make something and take me to.live together what is it WHAT YOU ARE ASKING ME IAM READY TO LEAVE HERE TO LIVE LIVE LIVE WITH YOU WITH YOU.


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